Four years ago today

Jonny Wilkinson 2003

I can’t let the day pass without a salute to the boys of 2003 that won the World Cup on this day four years ago.

That momentous night in Sydney will never be forgotten, but let’s hope we can build on some solid foundations over the next four years and recapture the Web Ellis Cup.

Here’s to you Clive, Martin, Jonny, Lawrence, Will et al.

3 thoughts on “Four years ago today

  1. …and sadly it was the first anniversary we’ve had without the trophy in our possession, but it will be ours again in 2011, I feel very positive about that.

    And since I’m not done with football bashing (yesterday’s post really got me in the mood for it) at least we don’t have to look back 41 years to our last major victory and bang on about it ad nauseam (even those who weren’t born then) as if it’s our birthright.

    22nd November 03 – great day, great memories, and the only time I have ever been so nervous I’ve needed a pint of Stella to wash my breakfast down with.

  2. How about a few songs to remember the 2003 glory-boys:

    -So here’s to you Jason Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know….whoa whoa whoa whoaaaaa

    -Ole Ole, Ole Ole, Neil Back-Back-Back

    -Gooooo Jonny Jonny…Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Wilkinson

  3. Emotional stuff. That’s my evening taken care of – where’s that 2003 World Cup DVD?

    I feel a new campaign coming on – Campaign to have the Anniversary of the World Cup win made a National Holiday. Let’s get some momentum on this one (although we may have to wait for an English Prime Minister to get this one passed)

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