France 34 Scotland 21: Initial Reaction

France were in ominous form at the Stade de France tonight, beating Scotland by 34 points to 21.

Scotland stayed in the game and there were some very encouraging signs for them, but it never really looked as though they could cause an upset.

Of particular signifcance was the French scrum, which was utterly dominant against a big Scottish pack, and should send a warning to the other teams in the Championship.

Despite being on the losing side, there is plenty to cheer about for the Scottish fans, incluidng scoring three tries in the Stade de France.

Andy Robinson said afterwards, “I’m really pleased with how we went about trying to play, but it’s very frustrating. I’m delighted with the attitude, but we have to be ruthless. We’re here to win Test matches.”

Let us know your thoughts on the game. Do France look like a tournament-winning side?

6 thoughts on “France 34 Scotland 21: Initial Reaction

  1. France were in ominous form at the Stade de France tonight, beating France by 34 points to 21. OOPS…. France beat France, hell must have been a war.

  2. I watched the game as I am a huge French supporter.
    At the end of the day they just used speed to run past these Scotchmen.
    But it is early days in the 6 nations. I wanna see them against England 1st before I will be convinced about their ability to be a force in the world cup.
    The Scots were not to bad, but they just lack the speed and technique to be contenders for the 6 nations and the world cup.
    My motto in Rugby is: A forward player must be able to run the 100m under 12.5 seconds, and if you in the back line, really, under 11 seconds at least.

  3. Thanks for spotting the typo, Jackbas. Amended now.

    France v France is an interesting prospect, but there’s no guarantee that both sides would turn up.

    A powerful French performance, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether they can follow it up against Ireland and England over the next couple of rounds. What is concerning is that it looks like they had a few more gears, and could have blown Scotland away if they weren’t quite so French and nonchalant.

  4. Ominous, but they still shipped three tries at home, and they won’t look so sharp in attack against a better organised defence.

    Them and England still look like the two favourites and I think the championship all rides on the 26th. I think the French are beatable if England sharpen up in defence (ie drop Hape).

    The scary thing about France is that there wasn’t really a bad player on the pitch and they brought the likes of Clerc, Chabal, Yachvili and Poitreneaud off the bench! England are a lot clearer on their first choice XV these days, but we don’t have that kind of depth.

  5. can somone tell me what they have been feeding Mas, Servat and Domingo? I mean seriously, these guys arent 18/19 stone player they are all 17 stoners.

    just goes to show that you dont need sheriden/cole etc types to win scrums. Remember 1997 lions front row of Smith,Wood and Wallace? none of them giants but hell could they scrummage.

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