France destroy Wales’ Grand Slam hopes

France shocked the rugby world this evening by beating Wales at the Stade de France on the first ever Friday night game in the Six Nations.

In the second half, Wales could not live with the France attack, conceding penalty after penalty as they were finally refereed properly at the offside line – they were lucky not to lose a couple of players to the sin bin, and were lucky to have an opportunity to steal the game in the dying moments.

So disappointment for the Welsh, joy for everyone else, and could it be Ireland’s Grand Slam?

7 thoughts on “France destroy Wales’ Grand Slam hopes

  1. I for one am glad that Wales bit the dust this evening in Paris. If they won another GS, you couldn’t listen to them.

    I believe this Ireland’s year. Austin Healey doesn’t think so, cos he doesn’t like to say anything positive about Ireland. Jonathan Davies doesn’t think so cos he only see’s red.

    A thoroughly well deserved victory this evening. I found it interesing that a back row got MOTM against Wales in Cardiff, same again tonight. Well I see a pattern emerging, and if it does, I pity Wales in Cardiff because the best back rows in the competition are coming to town.. Take yer pick; Quinlan, Wallace, Ferris, Heaslip, Leamy. Oh dear….. Oh dear Oh dear!!

    Great win for France; Alez les bleus.

  2. We’ve all got our differences boys, but it’s good to know we have something in common – wives that accuse us of not listening – I’m with you there Fakey. Why do they talk to us while rugby’s on though? It’s their own fault if we don’t listen. All I ask is for the occasional 80 minutes of peace!

    Hats off to Les Bleus for grinding out the win, even if they’re not yet in the class of late 80’s early 90’s France. Speaking of past French glories – how bloody big is Blanco these days??? He looks to have piled another couple of stone on in the last year. Shocking!

    Anyway, I agree that it was largely won in the back row and I think we’ll continue to see MoTM performances in the back row with the added emphasis that the ELVs have put on to the breakdown.

    It’s a shame that Wales v Ireland will no longer be effectively a Grand Slam decider (assuming Ireland beat England today – a few people I’ve spoken to are growing in confidence for an England win, but I can’t see it).

    Wales will be back though, it’s not as if they got thrashed and could have won it at the death. I have to say France countered their rush defence better than any team I’ve seen in a long time, and even did some very good defending of their own and denied Wales a lot of the territory they’ve enjoyed lately.

    As for the Friday night thing – as I’ve said on here before I’m not a fan of it, but I think it’ll be here to stay now, given that they’ve tried it once and it just happened to be a good game. After all, it’s on such one-off events that far-reaching, long-term decisions seem to be made in rugby!

  3. Totally agree with the comments, the best side won.I would love to see England win tonight but I dont think we have got the players to break through the Irish and get over the gain line.If England kick as much ball back to the opposition as we have been doing we will get run of the pitch.I can only see a win for Ireland, but lets take it to them and put down a few markers for the Lions squad, WE MUST RUN WITH THE BALL, thats what the game is all about.

  4. Wales were definatley outplayed. They weren’t committing enough men to the breakdwon and as such were getting turned over too often or given away penalties for holding on.

    As a Welshman living in Ireland I’m going to be in the strange position of supporting England this afternoon. If Wales are to win the championship, England could do us a big favour in Croke today.

  5. Was this really such a surprise? On neutral turf I might have expected Wales to edge it, but in Paris I had the French as favourites. Mainly based on the Croke Park showing.

  6. So joy for everyone else eh -nice to be loved ! -Good sign I suppose really as we are no longer underdogs as emphasised by the French lap of honour.

    France were overplayed, under-prepared and had a mystifying selection policy going into the game so they did what they have done in the past in these situations played a blinder and won.They’ve done it enough at World Cups with NZ only to lose to Argentina twice and England . In fact I wouldn’t put it past them to lose at Twickenham next time up.

    On Wales , we were disappointing particularly the 3 or 4 errors penalty infringements etc leading to the first French try on the stroke of half time , in fact more errors than in whole games in last seasons campaign.Take that out of the equation and a lot of other errors dropped balls etc and we wouldn’t have been lucky to be in it at the end but would have won . Not that France weren’t good for it just that they were on some mysterious Gallic high and we played badly.

    Still don’t assume that the game against Ireland on the last day will not be a championship decider even if the Slam for Wales has gone.

  7. Fakey , your right about the hangover though with it being Friday there was one extra days recovery -still not happy about Friday international games though -rumour has it they are looking at the return fixture for FRiday night next year. Anyone aware of the transport situation getting away from Cardiff on a Saturday evening with an afternoon game needs to look long and hard before thinking of finishing a game late on a Friday evening there will be tears before bed-time.

    On the French C’est La Vie -pretentious moi !

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