France leave out big names for 2011 World Cup.

Marc Lièvremont has named his squad for World Cup in September, picking one new cap and leaving many more experienced internationals at home for the tournament. The French head coach alluded to this during the Six Nations after France’s performances were infuriatingly inconsistent, and as a result established names in European Rugby such as Yannick Jauzion, Clement Poitrenaud and the iconic Sebastian Chabal will be left behind.

The two most surprising additions into the the squad are number eight Raphaël Lafakia, the 22 year old number eight from Biarritz who has impressed in the Top 14 this season, and the return of French legend Cedric Heymans in the back three. Heymans for me has been a class act consistently throughout his career, for confirmation have a look at this, and he will bring a security to the French back three as well as hopefully some classy tries. Thomas Domingo and Maxime Mermoz have both been named in the squad despite suffering serious injuries over the last few months, and both are key to France’s plan for the World Cup, particulary Mermoz who was in some outstanding form before his injury during the Six Nations against Scotland.

Here is the full list of names:

Front Row: Fabian Barcella (Biarritz), Thomas Domingo (Clermont), Jean-Baptiste Poux (Toulouse), Nicolas Mas (Perpignan), Luc Ducalcon (Castres), Sylvain Marconnet (Stade Français), William Servat (Toulouse), Dimitri Szarzewski (Stade Français).

Second Row: Romain Millo-Chluski (Toulouse), Lionel Nallet (Racing Metro 92), Pascal Papé (Bourgoin), Julien Pierre (Clermont)

Back Row: Julien Bonnaire (Clermont), Thierry Dusautoir, captain (Toulouse), Fulgence Ouedraogo (Montpellier), Imanol Harinordoquy (Biarritz), Raphaël Lafakia (Biarritz), Louis Picamoles (Toulouse).

Half-Backs: Morgan Parra (Clermont), Dimitri Yachvili (Biarritz), David Skrela (Toulouse), Francois Trinh-Duc (Montpellier).

Centres: Maxime Mermoz (Perpignan), David Marty (Perpignan), Fabrice Estebanez (Brive), Aurelien Rougerie (Clermont).

Back Three: Vincent Clerc (Toulouse), Alexis Palisson (Brive), Yoann Huget (Bayonne), Maxime Médard (Toulouse), Cedric Heymans (Toulouse), Damien Traille (Biarritz)


Is this squad good enough to win the World Cup? Let us know your thoughts.


14 thoughts on “France leave out big names for 2011 World Cup.

  1. Yes, I think it is good enough to win.

    I don’t think it will win, but it certainly has the quality.

    I think the key problem is the coach. He has a tendency to do some very bizarre things. Maybe he’ll move Morgan Parra to the front row at some point. Who can tell.

    1. Heymans….YES YES YES…….leaving out Chabal……Hell No!! I’d rather have a Chabal that blows hot and cold than no Chabal at all. But in general a good team. Whether this team can win the cup is another thing but I’m thinking they should make quarter finals…… then see from there.

  2. Why on earth has Lièvremont left out Yannick Jauzion and Clement Poitrenaud, they are both quality players. I am afraid i dont think that the french will have a strong world cup.

  3. Once again Lievremont deos things his on way. Why has he named such a trimmed down panel so early. It leaves him open to criticism if players in this squad have problems between now and the tourament or if they get injured and he has to bring new players into the squad.
    As for the selection dropping Chabal improves the squad without doubt, Jauzion is not the player he was two years ago and wont be missed if Mermoz recovers in time for the World Cup but it would have done no harm to keep Jauzion in the squad just incase he deosnt as his experience could come in very useful. He may not be such a happy squad player if called up next August now. I would take Poitrenaud ahead of Traille anyday because of his counter attacking.Why is he considering Traille as a back three player anyway?

  4. get far but not enough strength in the centers, needed jauzion and poitrenaud for stability

  5. How on earth can France “knock NZ out” ? They’re in the same group, so worst result is NZ finish 2nd in the group and France 1st. Either way, it’s set up so they can’t meet until the final… Are you suggesting that Canada Tonga or Japan can beat NZ too?

    1. hey Phil,

      I was just taking the piss. NZ can count themselves lucky to be in the same group. If they were to meet in the final – which I think is unlikely – then NZ would pummel them as it’s a winner takes all situ.

  6. Where are Freddie Michalak & Matt Bastareaud?

    One must however admit that Le Homme de Caverne is no longer a force, sometimes an embarrasment.

    Nevertheless Vive la France!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I Agree, where is Michalak? Look at the differents he is making at the Sharks team for the Currie Cup. This is tottally bizarre that one of the best flyhalfs in France is not selected for the worldcup squad? Tell me if im dreaming….

  7. I think that this is a good selection. Leaving Chabal out is the right decision – he doesn’t add much, even as an impact player now.
    I love watching the French play (on a good day!). I watched them “dismantle” the Kiwi’s at Twickenham in 1999 and again at Cardiff in 2007. If they turn up in the right frame of mind they can be awesome – if they don’t then they can be quite dire.

  8. i can’t believe JAUZION is out…..
    i always look forward to the world cup because of france…their style is enterprising like that of the Fijians…..
    But i know this squad will bury the ALL BLACKS in their own backyard……
    …………………..GO FRACE GO…………………………..

  9. When France play well enough to actually beat the all blacks,they are without doubt the best rugby playing team on the planet !!..they are just too inconsistant !!! It all will depend,as usual,upon which frame of mind they are in !!

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