France live to fight another day as Ireland disappoint

France comprehensively defeated Ireland to get their World Cup campaign back on track.  Ireland were once again disappointing, and are now likely to tumble out of the tournament before the knockout stages.

Only in the first ten minutes did Ireland look as if they could win the game, as Ronan O’Gara got the better of kicking exchanges with Frederick Michalak.  However, France soon started to control the game with Serge Betsen’s pack dominating the set piece and Jean-Baptiste Ellisalde punishing Irish ill-discipline.

Ireland must now beat Argentina, win a bonus point by scoring 4 tries, and by a margin of more than 7 points to deprive the opposition of a bonus.  On this showing, and on recent form, it’s unlikely they will even win the game.

If that is the case, Argentina will win the group, France will face New Zealand as runners-up and Ireland will be sent home to face the wrath of its public that was so expectant just a few weeks ago.

The inquest into Ireland’s disastrous World Cup display will now begin.  Should Geordan Murphy have been picked for this game to provide some extra spark when they were chasing the game?  Was Peter Stringer’s experience missed?  Let me know where you think it all went wrong.

4 thoughts on “France live to fight another day as Ireland disappoint

  1. Bit harsh on Ireland – I thought they were fantastic. 3 points in the Stade de France is a good return. That said though, I am English.

  2. France play to their opposition – its what makes them unpredictable against ‘more-fancied’ teams. They could of put 20 more points on Ireland if their consistancy was ah… consistant.

  3. i personally think the team have run through the same training too many times over the last few months and years and now they simply can’t work off the cuff. all the play i completely rigid, everything is a preplanned move so as soon as even the tinyist thing goes wrong it all falls apart. over the past couple of years we’ve been saying the central contracting of the players was helping of the team but now i’m wondering was it holding us back, after all despite having what is arguably the best team in irish rugby history we couldn’t win a six nations let alone a grand slam.
    i think they have too but will the IRFU have the guts to get rid of eddie when argentina. we need to go southern hemisphere for a new coach as, and as a munster man i’m sad to say it but, kidney just is’nt up to the job. we need a fresh spark in coaching loose the rigidity from our play and start using the bench to its potential.

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