France name side to face England in quarter-final

France head coach Marc Lièvremont on Tuesday announced his team to play England in their quarter final match at Eden Park, Auckland on Saturday, 8 October.


1. Jean-Baptiste Poux, 2. William Servat, 3. Nicolas Mas, 4. Pascal Pape, 5. Lionel Nallet, 6. Thierry Dusautoir (c), 7. Julien Bonnaire, 8. Imanol Harinordoquy, 9. Dimitri Yachvili, 10. Morgan Parra, 11. Alexis Palisson, 12. Maxime Mermoz, 13. Aurélien Rougerie, 14. Vincent Clerc, 15. Maxime Médard


16. Dimitri Szarzewski, 17. Fabien Barcella, 18. Julien Pierre, 19. Louis Picamoles, 20. Francois Trinh-Duc, 21. David Marty, 22. Cédric Heymans

19 thoughts on “France name side to face England in quarter-final

  1. Unfortunately I missed France getting beaten by Tonga. Did the squad vary much from what they’ve picked here?

    Although Parra is obviously a very talented player, and him and Yachvilli can swap positions at ease, I think with the right amount of pressure on both, they will crumble, and the team will become frustrated. Moody, Croft, Haskell and Tuilagi need to be on Parra’s case constantly. My worry is that we are committing too many offences at the breakdown, and we need to sort it out. Again on Saturday we were giving away sill penalties at the wrong end of the pitch.

    That said I think we will get past France without too many problems, but I am expecting some punches to be thrown, and some cards dished out by Mr. Walsh.

  2. I think france will be hoping to play the match at a serious intensity and have 2 scrum halves to get ridiculously quick ball with their pack on top and then the french back line can run riot even without a no. ten playmaker!! not a bad stragie against a big english pack that like a slow slog!!

  3. Do not underestimate france ! they are likely to turn it on against england the way the always do when under dogs ! and of course they owe johnny a few from past world cups !

    1. I tend to agree. I have a horrible feeling that when the French are written off and there is no pressure on them, they can really come out and perform – speak to the AB’s about that. It’s when they’re favourites or at worst contenders that they seem to fall apart under pressure.

      They’ve got some really talented players – just not playing like a team at the moment, but….

      I’ll tell you which France turn up at lunchtime on Saturday!

  4. Such a dangerous side when they get it right. Having William Servat and Nicolas Mas back in the front row is massive. Having said that, Alex Corbisiero had the measure of Servat during the Six Nations, which might sway Johnno’s selection.

  5. The Yachvili / Parra combination looked dreadful against Tonga with passes going astray and nobody really knowing what they were trying to do. I was convinced that Lievremont would be forced to change it, but thankfully he’s sticking with it.

    England shouldn’t underestimate them, but they are an absolute shambles at the moment. Apparently there are divisions and unrest in camp, much like their woofballing counterparts, and I dare say they’ll be quite glad to get home. Let’s hope they’re home on Monday.

    1. The Frogs will turn it on for this match, it will be close.

      The french insanity / genius is such that the weakness @ 9 & 10, could suddenly become incredibly potent.

      If the French pack turns up,we are in for a difficult evening.

  6. Yes, the French are on our side. All we need now is for Tindall to shag Carla Bruni then we will all be safe. What price the tower of London being reopened for Mr Tindall on his return! Keep the crown jewels safe

  7. Just seen the team. Gone with Wilko and Flood. Disappointed to see our best forward so far Haskell drop out. And disappointed to see our best forward Lawes drop out. Needed more games.

    1. agreed Matt – Haskell and Lawes have been good. Good to see Flood in, he deserves it and not only because Tindall’s injured – he should have been in on his own merit.

  8. maxine mermoz.. has anyone else seen how slow this guy is?? surely in the whole of france there must be another inside center!? anyhow, hope france take this one!

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