Free £3 bet on the Lions with no obligations

betNOW, the text betting service, are offering readers of The Rugby Blog a very special offer. You can get a £3 bet on the Lions with no registration and no obligation, so basically it is free money.

The offer is only open between now and the start of the match, so follow these simple steps now to claim your free money.

1. Text LIONS to 89000 – this is charged at your standard text rate
2. Review the betting options that you are immediately sent
3. Reply with a, b, c etc to place your free bet, then sit back and wait to collect your winnings.

It’s a pretty impressive service and I use it myself, and perfect for putting a few quid on a match when you are already stationed in front of the game.

We obviously don’t condone excessive gambling, so don’t be an idiot, but there really is no obligation with this offer, so you might as well try it out. If you like it, it’s a pretty useful way of having a small flutter every now and then.

More info on the service at, but this offer is exclusively for us.