Gary Gold leaves Bath with immediate effect

Bath Rugby can today confirm that Gary Gold has left the Club with immediate effect.

The decision was taken following a re-structure in the rugby department and with the best interests of both Gary and the Club in mind.

No further comment will be made by the club until it is appropriate.

Gold joined the club in May 2012 and has overseen a largely successful reign. Along with a stellar coaching staff of Toby Booth, Mike Ford, Brad Davis and Neil Hatley, Gold has led Bath to the play-off spots having previously been a club that wallowed mid table.

With Bath now in third position in the Premiership, it will be fascinating to see what has happened behind the scenes in the West Country. More info to follow as it is announced.

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

7 thoughts on “Gary Gold leaves Bath with immediate effect

  1. Despite the outrage being shown by Bath followers, surely this has been inevitable since he was bumped up to the DoR role, from Head Coach.

  2. It just seems a touch odd. I know some people aren’t as happy in the DoR role, but he’s doing a good job and I thought he might at least see out the rest of the season. It’s just very peculiar, I wonder if there has been an incident or two behind the scenes.

    1. xxxwookie, to me, I do find it difficult to quantify what a DoR does, as it seems to vary from club to club, and more importantly, who has the final say, the DoR or the HC?

      Purely hypothetical of course, but the hands-on HC gets moved to DoR, and looks after the academy, player recruitment, support staff, but gets over ruled in terms of match to match tactics, player selection perhaps?

      It may be quite difficult to accept.

      I would ask also, how do you know he’s done a good job? Bath have gone well, undoubtedly, but is this because GG is a good DoR, or because GG is NOT the head coach.

      1. You’re right, the role varies hugely from club to club, as does the HC. Typically the DoR has more power than HC and has more fingers in more pies and would oversee general running of the club. Effectively, the HC loses a lot of the usual HC responsibilities and becomes a slightly more powerful assistant coach.

        Of course, this varies from club to club. At Leicester Richard Cockerill acts in a strong HC role with additional responsibilities, but I get the impression that at Bath the HC is much more strongly involved in the match day squad and first team matters. It’s Ford who is working on the touch lines, who is making all the decisions, who is doing post match interviews.

        You’re right, it’s difficult to say that he’s done a good job at the minute, though I don’t imagine anyone would be saying he’s done a bad job either. I might have expected him to spend a year trying out the role and seeing what he could get out of it and Bath might have been more flexible with his role. I’m just surprised to see this happen so early in the campaign

  3. rumours that sir clive woodward is taking the role, he recently stepped down as a director on the board at leicester and has attended a lot of bath games recently as a guest of bath owner bruce craig.

    1. Thing with Clive Woodward is he’s an insanely busy man. He stepped down from the Leicester board recently but only because he’s too busy to actually make it to Leicester most of the time. I don’t see him taking up a coaching role.

      There are rumours that McNamara is switching codes to come from coaching rugby league to rugby union and he’ll be going to Bath, but it’s unlikely he’ll walk straight into a DoR position, depending on what the DoR role involves at Bath

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