11 thoughts on “George North on ‘that’ point: ‘I do feel horrendous about it now’

  1. Good. Lesson learnt. Don’t do it again. All is forgiven, oh and please win us the series tomorrow!

  2. What’s the difference between North and Armitage?

    One recognises a mistake and apologises (genuinely and respectfully), the other goes on a twitter rant!

    1. One of them is a decent back who has disappeared into international obscurity, the other is a legend in the making with another decade of brilliance ahead of him…
      I’m glad he apologised, shows just how class he is, but when you’re that good, at that age, a bit of arrogance is easily forgiven.
      Armitage however is not that good, never was, and his try was nowhere near as spectacular either.

  3. Fair enough , lesson leaned methinks & he won’t do it again …. now just want a similar try tomorrow ….. without the pointing !!

  4. Good lad. This is the true difference between him and Armitage, the immediate regret.

    Classy lad. Now for more tries, and keep Folau quiet!

  5. Well done gorge north. Good to see this a sign of a good player and a good sports man as well. Well on his way to becoming a true profesional and a ledgend.

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