Greenwood: “Ireland will win Championship but England will beat them at Twickenham”

7 thoughts on “Greenwood: “Ireland will win Championship but England will beat them at Twickenham”

  1. Ooh, ahhh. England to win tomorrow?. Tough call. With Cole out I can see Healy and Best really upsetting the unfit (in terms of match time) Wilson who will concede crucial penalties that Sexton will punish.

    Ireland will win the scrums, draw on the linouts and be quicker to the breakdown. England have great carriers in Vunipola and Wood but with Robshaw the only player facing O Mahoney, Henry and Heaslip at the crucial first seconds of the breakdown I can only but see Irelands supremacy here and in the rucks and malls.

    Murray and Sexton are in dangerous flying form. Care and O Farrel are in form but a little too deep. I think the massively experienced O Driscoll, Darcy, Trimple and Kearney will hold their own and keep the relatively inexperienced English backline on the backfoot and upset. Ireland will not allow them to gel or settle. Sexton is key to ensuring this. And he will.

    Ireland will win by at least 2 tries.

    1. Can’t spell maul, hasn’t noticed that England’s strategy at rucktime is to have at least 3 men there as soon as possible, can’t spell the name of Ireland’s Inside Centre… hmmm

      1. Wow Chuckles. What a great pedant you are. School boy bully by any chance? I thought this was a rugby blog – not a spelling competition. What mindset have you to start such a diatribe of bitter condescension. Anyway good boy, well done, see you on the rugby pitch after school !!

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