Greenwood throws his support behind old team-mate Tindall

Will Greenwood has been supporting the case for Mike Tindall’s inclusion in Brian Ashton’s final 30-man squad, stating that, “I know people might think I’m biased, but I know what he can do.”

Greenwood has been reminding people that defences win World Cup matches, and the team that concedes the fewest points will lift the Web Ellis Cup.  In these circumstances, he insists, Tindall is the man for England’s midfield.

His experience cannot be questioned, but I believe Andy Farrell can offer everything Tindall does, with a little bit more – Farrell’s distribution is second to none. 

Moreover, Tindall has been out with injury for so long that he may not be match fit, and could arrive at the World Cup under-prepared.   Indeed, today’s team selection suggests he may have lost the race to be in the squad.