Guide to buying Rugby World Cup tickets

With just over a week to go until the big event, Rugby World Cup tickets are being bought and sold all over the place.  This guide tells you everything you need to know if you want to experience the action at first hand.

Ticketmaster has recently released official tickets for the World Cup final and both semi-finals, and so is probably the best place to start.  Ticket prices start from £232 for the final, and there are some available for Wales and Scotland games at the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff – however, these will go pretty quickly.

TicketCity is worth a look – it’s an American site with tickets available for pretty much every game, and the weak dollar makes it a good bet.  There are England v South Africa tickets available at £175, but final tickets are over £600.

My Ticket Market is an online marketplace for buying and selling tickets.  The prices are hugely inflated, but they do seem to offer a ticket guarantee so might be safer than some places.

eBay always has tickets available, and you may get lucky and pick up a bargain.  However, there is always a risk that they might not turn up after you’ve paid for them, or they’ll be black and white photocopies!

Elsewhere, there is also a Facebook group called RWC Ticket Exchange, where members have posted details about tickets for sale – you may be able to strike a good deal and with a more limited market than eBay, prices might be slightly more reasonable.

If you want to book a whole package with official tickets, travel and accommodation, Travelscope is your best bet, and could be a good option at this late stage, when availablity of hotels is fairly limited.  There is also a special offer for a day trip including travel and a ticket for the England v USA match for £69.

Buying tickets on the day from touts outside the ground could be an option, but be warned that the IRB may have some ‘dummy’ touts around that could get you into trouble if you try to buy tickets from them.

If you have tickets to sell, or are desperate for tickets to a particular game, feel free to post a comment on the Tickets page

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