Guide to Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010

Womens Rugby World Cup

The 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup gets underway today in England, with 12 teams competing for the coveted title.

There are three pools of four teams as below, with each team playing three pool matches in the usual round robin format.

At the end of the pool stages, the three pool winners and the best runner-up will go through to the semi-finals to be played at the Stoop. The other two runners-up and the best two 3rd place finishers will go into a sort of ‘Plate’ competition for 5th place, whilst the bottom three teams will go into a ‘Bowl’ competition for 9th place.

Pool 1Pool 2Pool 3
New ZealandIrelandFrance
South AfricaKazakhstanScotland


There are three pools of four teams, with all the pool stage matches taking place at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. The main competition semi finals will then take place at the Stoop in Twickenham on 1st September. The final is Sunday 5th September, also at The Stoop.


There are no fewer than 6 fixtures on day 1, with Canada v Scotland getting things underway at 12pm. Other highlights today are defending champions New Zealand v South Africa at 4.15pm, and hosts England v Ireland at 6.30pm.

The full fixture list can be found here.


– Sky Sports are covering most of the key matches live
– The Official Site has lots of up to date articles and information –
ScrumQueens is the best Women’s Rugby site and will be following the action closely
– The Official Twitterings are at if that’s your thing
– There is also a Facebook page here –

There are lots of ways to keep up with the event, and make sure you get down to Guildford or The Stoop to see some of the games if you can.

3 thoughts on “Guide to Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010

  1. Johnno and the entire EPS squad should pay huge attention to the England Womens team and try to learn from them! They have been immense, playing hard, fast and free flowing rugby which any team in world rugby would be proud of – and quite frankly making the England Mens team look like pure amatuers!!!

  2. I was in England during the first week of the women`s rugby world cup and couldn`t believe the lack of coverage in the media. A sporting world cup, held in England where our team are second favourites! I managed to find nothing on television, despite scanning the Radio Times for broadcasts after hearing that the Beeb would at least be showing the knock-out stages. None of the people I was visiting have Sky and why should an international event like this be left to minority private broadcasters anway?
    The newspapers weren`t much better, but at least they occasionally acknowledged that it was actually taking place.

    I enjoy watching all types of rugby union – juniors, oldies (participating too), club, international – and I am sure that there are many more like me. I feel really sorry for the women of all countries involved in this tournament, that their skills, enthusiasm and dedication isn`t more widely acknowledged and enjoyed.

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