Guinness Premiership Semi-Final Predictions

It has looked for some time that we are heading towards a Leicester v Northampton final, but after last week’s results, I’m not so sure.

Leicester lost at home to Saracens in the final round, marking their first home defeat of the season (I think), and it’s left me feeling that Bath might just get a result this weekend.

Bath have shown impressive form, winning their last four matches in style, and seemingly timing their run to perfection. A comprehensive victory over Leeds will leave them high on confidence, and a win over their oldest rival at Welford Road will appear to be achievable.

Nevertheless, I’m still leaning towards the Tigers. They lose at home so rarely, so surely they can’t lose two in a row? That game must have been just a blip, rather than the beginning of a decline, and Leicester have been one of the two best sides all season, so I’m not changing my mind based on one slip-up.

My SportGuru prediction is Leicester Tigers by 7.

Saracens’ win at Welford Road is also playing on my mind in making picks for their match against Northampton. After a mid-season stutter, Sarries have discovered a fluent style of play that suddenly makes them very enjoyable to watch – as opposed to their early season kick-and-shove tactics. Does this coincide with losing Steve Borthwick to injury?

Moreover, Sarries defeated Northampton at Franklin’s Gardens on 24th April, proving that the Saints are beatable at home. Their confidence will be high, and no doubt Brendan Venter will have them fired up for this one.

However, for some reason, I’m finding it hard to back Saracens. I’ve become something of a Saints fan this year, and realised during the Six Nations that I was beginning to ‘harp on’ about some of their players like Jon Clarke and Phil Dowson, so it might be my heart influencing this one. Either way, we are set for two cracking semi-finals on Sunday.

My SportGuru prediction is Northampton Saints by 4.

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I’ll publish some of the SportGuru community predictions later today, so you can check the general consensus.

4 thoughts on “Guinness Premiership Semi-Final Predictions

  1. Although I may not get to see the games this weekend, I still think these must be the best pair of semi-finals since the play-offs began and also the ones with the most hype. Can only be good news for the game.

  2. These are two really tough games to predict. When I was making my predictions I ummed and ahhed and really struggled to choose, but in the end I went for Bath and Sarries.

    I’d love it if Northampton made it to the final but Saracens have put themselves in pole position with wins over the Saints and Leicester in the last two rounds.

    As for Bath, the time is now to beat the Tigers at Welford Road. Everyone knows that Leicester bring strength in their forwards and at the set piece, but I think Bath will handle them much better than they did on 3 April when the Tigers mauled them on their way to a 43-20 win.

    I’m glad I’m a neutral for these two games! I don’t know if I could bear it otherwise!

  3. Well, I’m not neutral lol, I’m a Bath fan, and I have a real sense of “squeeky bum” time at the moment. Bath definitely have the forward momentum and self believe now which was seriously lacking at the beginning of the season, and I really do believe that we can defeat Leicester, even at Welford Rd (hoping the “seed of doubt” has been cemented into Leicester lol). The inclusion of Luke Watson (who missed our last game with Leicester) has been key to the steadying our forwards, who, at times can be tempermental. Same can be said for Olly Barkley, and with the return of Butch James, have created a fantastic partnership that not only controls our backs play, but also unleashes our potent strike force at the right moments.

    That said, it is going to be a cracking game, and I’m backing Bath – but only just. Bath by 3

    I really do want to see Northampton reach the finals, but I think Saracens may prove to cunning for them by cutting out Northamptons strike players, and possibly intentionally trying to wind certain players up i.e. Hartley. If they do, and Northampton bite, then I think it’ll turn into a one sided contest. Fingers/arms/legs/toes etc etc crossed that they don’t!!! Either way, I find myself reluntantly backing Saracens for the win. Saracens by 8

  4. Northampton have a really tough game against Saracens on Sunday,although i am a Saints supporter and have been for over 45 years,Saracens just seem to make me nervous,Northampton have been a joy to watch this season,they have played ,in my opinion the most enjoyable style of rugby seen in the premiership and are no doubt heading for the heights that our near neighbours Liecester have enjoyed for such a long time now but i just feel that there is something missing,are they playing too good a style of Rugby,do they need to be more aggresive and ruffle a few feathers?one things for sure,Saracens certainly seem to ruffle ours.My prediction is, if the saints don,t allow themselves to be distracted from the task in hand they will win by 10 if they allow saracens to niggle them and loose focus them it may well be very close indeed.

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