Happy Birthday to The Rugby Blog

Four years ago today, The Rugby Blog was born, and I’d like to thank the domain auto-renewal email for reminding me.

We’re on the eve of covering our second Rugby World Cup, and with 100 days to go, we’re quivering with excitement. Only a few people had even heard of the site back in 2007, and still, the articles, comments and banter made it a tournament to remember. The Rugby Blog has been a labour of love at times since then – particularly when there was nothing to write about, or when the game threatened to become a kicking snooze-fest – but we can’t get enough of it really.

And now that more than eleven people visit us each day, we’re looking forward to World Cup fever striking once again, and everything going rugby-mad for a couple of months. We’ve got big plans and hopefully you’ll stay with us for the ride.

A few of The Rugby Blog team will be in New Zealand – and some are even media-accredited – whilst others will be manning the fort back at HQ. There will be plenty of exclusive content to get stuck into, including live discussion around the big matches and plenty of stuff that you won’t find on standard sites, so please stay tuned.

We’ll also be running some exclusive Facebook content and competitions, so please click ‘Like’ on the box on the right, if you haven’t already, to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Thank you to everyone that reads the site, and particularly to those that post comments – we wouldn’t bother doing this if it wasn’t for you. Thank you also to the team of contributors, and to everyone that has written something over the last four years, it’s all hugely appreciated.

Here’s to the next four years, and in particular, the next four or five months – it’s going to be huge!

All the best.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Rugby Blog

  1. did you toss a coin to decide who would be “manning the fort back at HQ” and who would be in NZ?

    coin tossing seems to be all the rage these days. perhaps you drew straws, a little more old school.

  2. Double excitement for September, world cup and the start of the Premiership. Which will be different with clubs not having the internationals. When can we expect the new fixture list to be published?

  3. Hi there Hutch, long time reader/first time contributor. Just wanted to say this is my favourite 9am-10am work-avoidance website. Keep up the good work.

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