Have your say on the ELVs

There have been several threads about the ELVs on here recently, with some strong feelings among rugby supporters.

The RFU have obviously been reading the comments from Spike, Rob Watson et al and are inviting the rugby public to share their opinions on the proposed law changes.

The web address is below, and without wanting to sway you in your opinion, make sure you follow the link and tell the powers that be not to meddle with our brilliant game!


Feel free to post your arguments here as well, so that people can make an informed decision.

7 thoughts on “Have your say on the ELVs

  1. My thoughts start with thoughts that the survey is unusable. I entered my email, it dropped me back on the first page, then told me I’d already completed the survey when I tried again.

    Typical RFU – but then the email address listed on their website for feedback bounced the other day….

  2. I was surprised that they didn’t appoint someone who’s responsibility it was to appoint someone to set up the survey. Still, at least they are being fairly reactive for once. Hopefully it will help form a strong case against the worst of the new laws. To be fair 5m back from the scrum for the defending team and backwards throws allowed for quick line-outs still seem sensible to me.

  3. Kemlo, I’m in agreement – those two laws seem sensible to me. The rest of them however are a complete farse.

  4. Does anyone think they’ve made the Super XIV any better? I was sceptical from the start but reserved judgement, and I still think they’re crap!

    If you lessen the punishment for something, you increase the chances of it happening and so you just get loads of free kicks, and cynical teams that break up the game don’t really get punished that greatly.

    I think they’d have been better off reminding themselves of some of the laws that refs seem to just let go these days (putting the ball straight in to the second row of the scrum, crooked lineouts, back rows not staying bound) and start enforcing them again.

    Legalising collapsed mauls has to be the most ridiculous of all to my mind, not to mention potentially dangerous. I agree with Kemlo about the two he’s mentioned above, but these two alone aren’t enough to outweigh the negatives of the rest of the ELVs.

  5. I think all the new suggestions that are the same as they currently stand but need to be enforced more rigidly are fine and do need to be enforced more rigidly – but why are they being bracketed in “Experimental Law Variations”? The two new ones mentioned above that people tend to agree with would be quite easy to filter down to grass roots too but the problem i find with the majority of the other ones is that they will be nigh on impossible to referee effectively at a lower level. Plus a lot seem to favour a free kick over a scrum which will not go down well at an amateur level where one of the greatest parts of the game is that it is for all shapes and sizes. There will be no place for a larger gent whose sole function is to dominate a scrum!
    Seriously, I hope there are enough votes at the highest level to stop the IRB trialling these all over the world. It would change the sport enormously…and i reiterate: there is nothing wrong with it!

  6. I agree with the sentiment of the group that there are two good suggestions that might improve the game (but we need to test them more thoroughly here first, before reaching any conclusions) but the rest are pretty stupid. Especially the free kicks. I don’t understand what they are trying to achieve. Surely it will help teams that are destructive and seek to slow the ball down to kill the game. Which is what everyone in the south thinks teams in the north do too much. Lol, you are retiring at the wrong time.
    I also think that they should concentrate on improving the quality and consistency of certain aspects of the existing rules, some of which have been mentioned here already – feeding at the scrum, tackled players holding on too long (some refs call it fast, others let it go), flying wedges and worst of all in my view, deliberate offsides/running decoys etc (the sides that do this well get away with murder).

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