Heineken launch “This Is The Game” Campaign ahead of RWC

After the release of their Rugby World Cup advert last week, Heineken have announced their ambassadors for the upcoming tournament. The stellar cast includes former England captain Will Carling, New Zealand legend Zinzan Brooke, former Welsh number eight Scott Quinnell, Australia’s most capped full back Matt Burke, former South African captain Gary Teichmann and renowned Irish centre Rob Henderson.

The ambassadors will support Heineken’s new Rugby World Cup 2011 campaign, entitled ‘This is the Game’, which focuses on the unwritten code of values implicit in Rugby on and off the pitch, such as sportsmanship and respect, and promotes Heineken as a worldwide partner and official beer of the international Tournament.

The rugby legends will also come together during Rugby World Cup 2011 to film a series of eight light-hearted and off-the-cuff videocasts for Heineken. The short films will focus on their predictions for tournament matches and comment on performances, stories from their own playing careers and a debate on ‘The Code’, the unique set of sporting values inherent in Rugby.

The videocasts will be filmed weekly in London from August 30th before culminating with a final film in Auckland ahead of the Rugby World Cup Final on October 23rd. Hosted by Will Carling, they will be available to view on Heineken’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, and will be released through social and digital media throughout the Tournament.

Hans Erik Tuijt, Global Brand Activation Manager at Heineken International, said: “Heineken’s Rugby World Cup campaign centres on the unwritten code of values in rugby union – respect, sportsmanship, loyalty and passion, and these six legends embody every one of these values. Heineken is the first brand to bring this type of content to a global audience during Rugby World Cup via social media. With these ex-players and our campaign around ‘The Code’, Heineken will bring rugby fans together, demonstrate our credentials as a true fan of the game and become a part of the conversation.’

The ambassadors will also participate in media events in their local markets to promote Heineken and the brand’s sponsorship of the Tournament.

The lighthearted ‘This is the Game’ campaign includes a number of 60”, 30” and 10” adverts and demonstrate how Rugby elevates itself from the intense physicality on the field to the highest peak of sporting achievement through ’The Code’.

The humorous films bring to life the ‘The Code’, by which all fans and players adhere to. Against the background of the narrator declaring ‘In this house, we live by a code handed down from warriors of old’ and a rousing soundtrack, the adverts feature match footage, fans singing and supporting their teams in the stadium and in the pub, and shots of Rugby’s biggest collisions.

The entertaining 10” adverts include an Australian fan giving a cringe-worthy rendition of his national anthem, a Scottish fan dancing a jig and members of the Tongan squad performing the Sipi-Tau, their pre-match challenge.

Hans-Erik Tuijt added: “As a top tier partner of Rugby World Cup 2011, Heineken understands the deep-rooted principles of ‘The Code,’ and this campaign brings to life the innovative ways in which we reach out to our consumers. No matter how competitive and passionate it gets on the field, Heineken unites Rugby World Cup fans in a spirit of conviviality, sociability and mutual respect afterwards.”

Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand will take place from 9th September and runs through until the 23rd October. This is the fourth time that Heineken International has sponsored the quadrennial Rugby World Cup, having been involved in South Africa in 1995, Australia in 2003 and France in 2007. With a cumulative audience of more than four billion TV viewers expected to watch live coverage of the Tournament, Heineken has successfully leveraged the sponsorship to engage a global network of rugby fans.

Watch the ‘This is The Game’ adverts at www.thisisthegame.com

8 thoughts on “Heineken launch “This Is The Game” Campaign ahead of RWC

  1. “The ambassadors will support Heineken’s new Rugby World Cup 2011 campaign, entitled ‘This is the Game’, which focuses on the unwritten code of values implicit in Rugby on and off the pitch, such as sportsmanship and respect”

    Erm, Scott Quinnell played for Wigan RL and was therefore banned from playing Union by the Welsh RU until open professionalism was adopted in 1995. How very sporting.

  2. See Britain’s “Forty-20” magazine this month (November 2011, Vol 1, Issue 5, page 11). This union world cup advert did indeed include footage of Batley’s captain, Wilf Auty, leading out his team for a Northern Union (a.k.a. Rugby League) game versus Salford in 1901.

    If Heinieken made “rugby” adverts, they’d probably be the worst (and least accurate) in the world.

    I’ll stick to hand-pumped Real Ale myself…

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