How many games will England win this Autumn?

You will have noticed the poll we have been running this week on The Rugby Blog, and many people have had their say on how many games they think England might win over the next month.

34% of readers think that 2 out of 4 is the most likely result, whilst there are more votes for three wins than there are for two.

Optimism is clearly high, so I’d be interested to hear which games you think Johnno’s youngsters will win.

Are New Zealand untouchable now that they have reasserted themselves at the top of the world order? Are you thinking that South Africa could be vulnerable, but Robbie Deans’ Australia certainly won’t roll over easily?

Let me know how you think England will fare, and your response could be in The Rugby Paper on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “How many games will England win this Autumn?

  1. A winning start this weekend and i reckon we’ll beat australia the week after. South Africa will be tough, but if we start well we can take them. 3 out of 3 going into the New Zealand match? Why not? 4 out of 4 for Johnno!

  2. I think we’ll turn South Africa over but lose a game we should have won against the Aussies. It always seems to me you need to beat the Australians 2 or 3 times in each game because they just keep coming back and I don’t think we’ve got that in us.
    We’ll get a scare this weekend against the Pacific Islands but will win and will round it off with a respectable loss against the Blacks.
    So 2 from 4.
    Mind you, I’m rubbish at predictions.

  3. I’m worried. As the excellent article on here earlier in the week said, all the big teams are bringing strong squads. There isnt much experience when you look at the England teamsheet and if they get on a losing track it will only get harder.

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