How to make money on Betfair

Given that Betfair is a betting exchange, people that know their sport can actually make a killing.

Regular betting involves backing your team, or a horse perhaps, against the bookmakers’ odds, which are always on the safe side as the bookie wants to minimise losses, and you are betting against professional people that study form guides for a living.

With Betfair however, you can bet against other users with a different opinion who might let their enthusiastic optimism get in the way, and you can back or lay an event, which offers more scope for winning. If you think England will win the Six Nations, you can back them at the going rate on the market, as if you were betting with a bookie but normally at much better odds.

What you can’t do with a bookmaker though is ‘lay’ a bet, which means you are betting against something happening. So on Betfair, you could bet that Wales won’t win the Grand Slam, specify a stake and hope that an optimistic Welshman takes the bet and you can relieve them of their money!

As a regular viewer of rugby, and indeed other sports, it’s like being the person who reads the Racing Post every day, who obviously has a much better chance of backing the right horse than someone who doesn’t.

In no way am I condoning excessive gambling, and I wouldn’t give up your day job just yet, but it’s definitely worth a go if you think you know a lot about rugby.

It’s much simpler than it sounds, so click here to visit Betfair and take a tour, then open your account and get going!

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