Interview with Jamie Noon: your questions please

Given that The Rugby Blog is all about the online rugby community, sharing opinions and discussing rugby matters with other fans, we thought we’d invite readers to ask questions of Jamie Noon this weekend.

We have some time with Jamie on Sunday 27th July (in a few days’ time), so if there’s a question you’ve always wanted to ask, please do let me know.

Either email me your questions, or just leave a comment here – they might provide inspiration for others. We’ll then publish the questions and answers next week.

Time to have your say…

3 thoughts on “Interview with Jamie Noon: your questions please

  1. Jamie, what do you think Newcastle’s chances are this season with the exodus of their most talented youngsters to other clubs?

  2. Jamie, the public perception of your talents focus on your immense defensive skills. Do you believe you offer enough of a cutting edge in attack to be a gauranteed England starter?

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