Interview with Nick Abendanon: your questions please

Following his mention in this week’s England Scout Notes, Nick Abendanon will be speaking to Nick Heath this afternoon as a feature for the next Podcast.

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to ask the Bath full-back? Post your suggested questions here and we’ll put them to him this afternoon on your behalf.

Tune into the Podcast later this week and you’ll hear the answers – you may even get a mention yourself. Please don’t let us down – it will be a brief interview with no questions to ask.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Nick Abendanon: your questions please

  1. As such a talented fullback/strike runner, I just wondered why you & Bath seem to kick so much ball away. It didn’t seem to do Bath any favours against the Tigers, especially kicking to Geordan Murphy.

    I realise you can’t run the ball all the time. Your views Nick

  2. The pressure on all players of your calibre is tremendous. The squad seems to be very close knit after all the problems over the summer period. How do you relax away from the game?

  3. What is your reaction to Stuart Barnes referring to an “Abendanon” moment? Does he know your Dad, I thought only he has Abendanon moments! All the best Nick

  4. Sam – not sure he’ll like that! Might see how the int is going before I pose that one to him.

    As for the rest of you, I’m hoping to get your Q’s in, so thanks v much for adding your thoughts. The podcast will be live on Thurs morning featuring my day out at the Madejski Stadium on Sunday aswell as the Abendanon chat.


  5. Interview done now guys – very nice chap he was too! Podcast goes LIVE on Thurs 1st October here on the blog and on iTunes.

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