Interview with Paul Ackford: your questions please

In Episode Two of The Rugby Blog podcast, we’ll be interviewing Paul Ackford – England stalwart, ex-Harlequin and team mate of Dean Richards – and we’d like to invite suggestions for questions.

So what do you want to know from Mr Ackford? ‘Bloodgate’ will probably come up, but is there anything else you’d like to know from the rugby legend turned journalist?

The next podcast will be live on Friday 28th August, so post your questions here and we’ll ask them – then you’ll be able to hear the response next week in the podcast.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Paul Ackford: your questions please

  1. – Is the Harlequins incident a natural extension of the ‘professional’ foul and given the suggestion blood capsules are in wide usage, does the punishment fit the crime?

    – Do you wish there was more ‘self-enforcement’ in games like the old days when Messrs Ackford, Teague, Duly would dish out punishment on errant opponents?

    – Has the academy system created a generation of creatin-kids with over-inflated egos and no life experience off the rugby pitch?

    – What’s the most amusing thing you saw on the rugby field?


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