Interview with Rico Gear – your questions please

Nick Heath is interviewing Rico Gear at lunchtime today for this week’s Podcast, so if there’s anything you’d like to ask him, please post your comment here.

Questions need to be in by 12.30, and you’ll be able to listen to his response tomorrow when the Podcast is published.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Rico Gear – your questions please

  1. What are you motivations in being at Worcester? Before you moved you were playing an exiting brand of rugby at the Crusaders, and, although you missed out on RWC 2007, you were in the mix with the ABs. Whereas Worcester have struggled over the past few seasons to implement a game plan that will push them up in the league to compete for Heineken Cup rugby.

    What are your rugby plans moving forward? To stay in Europe or move back home as per the likes of Chris Jack and Luke McAllister to challenge for the black jersey again?

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