Introducing SportGuru: a free sports predictions game

We are proud to say that we are involved with the launch of a new sports predictions game called SportGuru which will be ready to play in the next few weeks, in time for the new rugby season.

Those that have played SuperBru will recognise the similarities – SportGuru is a re-branded version of the game specifically for the UK market, concentrating on UK and European tournaments.

Those that haven’t played SuperBru will love it as well. The game is remarkably simple, in that all you have to do is predict the winner and winning margin for each fixture in a round of matches. You are rewarded with points according to how close you were to the actual result and you can compete against your friends and everyone else in prediction leagues.

You will be hearing more about it as the summer goes on and we get nearer and nearer to the first game of the new season.

For now though, we are running mini-predictions challenges every week and giving away an iPod Shuffle for the person with the best prediction. Head for and see if you can win one by predicting the winner of this weekend’s Tri Nations clash between South Africa and New Zealand.

Look out on that site for the revelation of the new logo later in the week as well. Exciting times.