Investec Internationals Top 10 Greatest Moments

Investec have kindly shared this video, featuring top moments from the last 10 years or so of the Investec Internationals.

It’s an enjoyable trip down memory lane…how easy it is to forget that Ian Balshaw was once an England hero, and that Jonah Lomu scored twice against England in 2002.

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4 thoughts on “Investec Internationals Top 10 Greatest Moments

  1. What a fantastic array of English greatness but why oh why did it have to end with such a disastrous result against England?

    Can we please finish on a high next time?

  2. Note Sinbad’s little dummy and go before Wilkinson’s chip try….brilliant! Get him back in! Get him to RWC 2011!

  3. Went so mental when Luger scored that try vs Oz that my trousers fell down in front of a packed TV room at uni – I think I also uttered the words “my life is complete”. What a tool

  4. Phil Christophers v’s S.A. 53 – 3 – I saw him do something that wasn’t a step off his left or getting binned for a high tackle, he hit a ruck too!

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