Ireland Announce Squad for Rugby World Cup 2011

Declan Kidney has named Ireland’s squad for the Rugby World Cup 2011, with Brian O’Driscoll captaining the side.

On first look, Tomas O’Leary is one of the biggest casualties, whilst the injury that ruled out Felix Jones has led to Geordan Murphy being recalled. Luke Fitzgerald is the other major casualty.

Their first match is against the USA on September the 11th in Taranaki.

Forwards: Best, Buckley, Court, Cronin, Cullen, Ferris, Flannery, Healy, Heaslip, Leamy, O’Callaghan, O’Connell, O’Brien, Ross, Ryan, D. Wallace

Backs: Boss, Bowe, D’Arcy, Earls, Kearney, McFadden, Murray, Murphy, O’Gara, O’Driscoll, Reddan, Sexton, Trimble, P.Wallace

24 thoughts on “Ireland Announce Squad for Rugby World Cup 2011

  1. Good forwards apart from Buckley otherwise very strong, I would have taken
    Fitzgerald over Wallace otherwise the backs look good

      1. Fitzgeral would be cover for full back if he was any good. Let’s face it, he’s been crap for ages. Lads, ye must be from Leinster because if ye think he should be on the plane then I’m afraid ye must have rose tinted glasses from a specsavers somewhere in Dublin. Wallace as poor as he is, is the best of the rest. O’Leary is also well off form and even if one of the scrum halves get injured I’d put Stringer on th plane ahead of him. Unfortunately Sexton should second choice outhalf as he too is off colour at the moment.

  2. Not convinced Paddy Wallace is the best option as cover, but surely he won’t play a huge part in the tournament anyway.

    Great to see Geordan Murphy back in contention, although it’s never nice to see anyone ruled out through injury – just like Geordie was in 2003 the day before the squad announcement.

  3. Paddy Wallace is a fantastic Pro but has had his fair share of critics (some not jusified to do so at times and some have been) However…..
    If Wallace is not going to play a huge part (which I believe he won’t unless we have an injury nightmare) then why are we bringing him as cover??
    We need to bring players who we believe can genuinely step in and do a job and I really don’t think we needed to bring Wallace especially with McFadden on board overall position cover!

  4. surprised he left o Leary at home but totally agree with the decision he gifted france 13 pts on Saturday. Wallace for me shouldnt be going either but Fitzgerald is not up to it at the moment he is totally out of form my team for Saturday would be
    15 Murphy
    14 Bowe
    13 o Driscoll
    12 Mc Fadden
    11 Trimble
    10 Sexton
    9 Murray
    8 Heaslip
    7 Wallace
    6 o Brien
    5 o Connell
    4 Cullen
    3 Ross
    2 Flannery
    1 Healy

    16 o Gara
    17 Ferris
    18 Redden
    19 Court
    20 Best
    21 Ryan
    22 Kearney

  5. Great second row and back row. Plus Sexton, BOD and Bowe. Experience in the key positions should beat England at home.

  6. “Great second row and back row. Plus Sexton, BOD and Bowe. Experience in the key positions should beat England at home.”

    Whilst beating England in the last warm-up would be a bonus I couldn’t care less about that result if Ireland have a good world cup (S.F for the first time..finally) would be good enough. Obviously to win it would be sweet but that’s beyond us on recent evidence..beyond everyone except the top 3 imo, but who knows?

  7. While this is decent selecting from D.K I personally wudnt like ta see Tom Court too much although he impressed in the 2nd match with France I don’t know if I’d trust him from what I have seen. It will be interesting to see if he steps up or not when given the oppurtunity. Slightly dissapointed that mccarthy didnt get going being a connaught man but anyways…

  8. Taking Boss and/or Murray over O’Leary is madness. O’Leary’s shocker on saturday was enough to prove what I’ve always thought, that Reddan should be starting scrum-half, but O’Leary should still be on the plane. Big call not taking Fitz too; he can play full back and is used to international rugby, its been a while for Murphy (I think everyone will agree that that place should have been Jones, poor guy). Happy to see P. Wallace and Leamy in the squad, especially the former; critiscised lots but I thought he was excellent in Bordeaux.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a certain Mr S to take over this squad right now for the next few weeks, just to Leinsterize them …… for this is what they need right now to realise their great potential !!

  10. earls was very poor on sat against fra however the team i picked for eng is to give players game time like bowe and mc fadden and you cant leave trimble out he has been our best back in the last few games

  11. Glad to see Kidney had the guts to leave O’Leary and Fitzgerald out – neither deserves their place – hopefully Fitzgerald will go off and work on his game so that he can finally use the potential he obviously has. Paddy Wallace is the worst player I have ever seen in an Ireland shirt, without exception. Clearly has pictures of Kidney…

    1. Funny I just sent a text after the squad was announced about Earls!! He must have more than pictures!

    2. The forwards are pretty much fine apart from one thing. We have average club standard nothing special hookers and of the second rows is the same aswell. O’Connell is fine but O’Callagham is a dick he always gives away possension but braking rules and hes just generally shit. The backs are really exciting apart from wallace whose just not good enough at anything he always fuck everything up (for example he was on for like 2 mins and almost stoped ireland from winning the grandslam) he’s not good enough at 10 he’s not skillful enough or another back position and not fast enough. Glad Kidney has decided on having a more attacking scrum half’s who add something new. It’s bad that felix jones is injured he would really have benefited from the world cup and lets face it Murphy is past it and Kearney use to be in my opinion slightly better than Burne but he just lost his confidents and hasn’t been the same player for ages.

  12. For the world cup I’d put Trimble and Bowe on the wings move BOD to first centre because Darcy isn’t playing well and I’d put Earls at 2nd centre.

  13. Is Earls too light for WCup centre? Best will in the world won’t save spills taking big hits. Just wondering… If tinkering what aboiut Sexton as outside centre; has height and hands to feed two Ts on the wing. Doubt either scenario however though migt merit a punt in US and Russian games which need to be on the offensive from the off to make an indekibke mark on early scoreboard…

  14. KG sexton isn’t an outside centre he’s not even a 12 ! mc fadden is a really strong tackler or tommy bowe at 13 but sexton talk sense!!!

  15. Delighted to see Geordan Murphy getting a chance (unfortuate that Felix Jones has to lose out this time).Would loved to have seen Stringer in the mix also, but opportunity for Conor Murray is fantastic. Maybe I am showing my Munster bias however I would not have chosen Tony Buckley.Having watched Australia play in Tri-Nations no matter what team we put out we will be up against it.

  16. paddy fuckin wallace. zinedine kilbane wud be better.actually if they swapped jerseys altogether the country might benefit.too old in key positions.but they cant be any worse than last world cup!

  17. Wow what a performance from Ireland againt the Wallabies. Just shows they can do it when they are “under pressure”. Lets hope they can keep that pressure on to get us out of the pool stages. Am delighted for ROG after the torrid time he had in the last World Cup. Still think he should start, Sextons kicking a bit hit and miss….is it the ball !!!!!!!!!!!! who knows.

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