Ireland celebrate stunning Grand Slam

The effects of numerous celebratory pints of Guinness are beginning to wear off, and Ireland’s achievement is beginning to sink in.

Only the second ever Grand Slam for the Irish, and the first for over 60 years. Declan Kidney didn’t waste any time in his quest for silverware, taking the top European honours in his first season in charge.

The Golden Generation have finally delivered, and the manner in which they did so was extraordinary. Ronan O’Gara’s winning dropped goal to regain the lead with time running out was a thrilling climax to a tense match, and did wonders to reassure Lions supporters that O’Gara has the temperament to take on South Africa.

We’ll have full reaction once we’ve come down to earth, but let us know what you thought.

8 thoughts on “Ireland celebrate stunning Grand Slam

  1. Yes O’Gara has become the highest ever points scorer in the six nations – but it has taken him six years of Wilkinson being injured to do so.

    VC is right in saying O’Gara’s defence is awful, and the Boks will punish us time and time again with O’Gara starting at 10. Wales proved this point very well. Definitely deserves his place on the plane, but not in the 1st XV (possibly on the bench)

    With that said, it was a cracking day of rugby and well done to the Irish for winning the Grandslam (thus putting England 2nd and Wales 4th) lol

  2. Well done Ireland! I must say that England would not be able to compete in the Southern hemisphere’s Super14. Bad coach and even worse players…. go Ireland!

  3. Well done to the Irish. When you look at the era of players like O’Gara, O’Connell, Hayes and O’Driscoll it seems fitting that they win a slam. O’Gara may not be up to a Lions place, but has been a great servant to the game.

  4. Uncle Mat, I think you’ve summed O’Gara up perfectly. He has been a brilliant servant to the game, and even from an Englishmans point of view, he deserves recognision for all his achievements. Unfortunately his defence has always been questionable and so credit to the Welsh for exploiting it. Lions selection is going to be very interesting this time round as I don’t think there are many players who are guaranteed a starting place now, with many having either played themselves out of or into contention.

    Hugo, your comment is hilarious. England were top try scorers, conceded the least amount of points and finished 2nd in one of the best rugby tournaments in the world. The 2 games that we lost, we only lost by a few points, and for a team which hit rock bottom and is in the very early stages of being rebuilt, we played some good rugby for the majority of the tournament. Personally I would recommend you reconsider your opinion to one that isn’t quite so biased. Would you also say that Wales and France are unable to compete in the southern hempishere? If you remember, Ireland have also been struggling for the past few years.

    Most people reading this will know that I am quite critical of England, but credit given where due. The entire England camp got slaughtered with negative comments and opinions, but yet responsed in such a manor I now have a new found respect for them.

    And personally my player of the tournament was Sergio Parisse. Guaranteed he was always on the losing side, but he lead his team in fierce defiance, scored a captains try to end Italy’s 6N 2009 and was an icon of playing the game as it should be.

    After severe consideration and a brilliant 6N’s my starting Lions team would look something like this (depending on injuries)

    1. Jones
    2. Mears
    3. Hayes
    4. Jones
    5. O’Connell
    6. Jones
    7. Wallace
    8. Heaslip
    9. Ellis
    10. Jones
    11. Williams
    12. Flutey
    13. O’Driscoll
    14. Cueto/Bowe
    15. Byrne

    16. Sheridan
    17. Ford
    18. Kennedy/Croft
    19. Worsley
    20. Phillips
    21. Patterson/O’gara/Wilkinson
    22. Roberts/Armitage/Kearney/Tait

  5. O Gara deserves the number 10 jersey on the tour.

    Outhalf is probably the most important position on the pitch and Munster have won 2 heineken cups with O Gara at number 10.

    O’Gara has more creativity than Jones and when he is in form is in a different league than Jones.

  6. I have to go with Stephen Jones. O’Gara is better than he’s given credit for but I think Jones is all-round the better player. They would be my 1 and 2 but Geech may yet go for Wilkinson and/or Cipriani.

  7. In my opinion O’Gara is, on his day, a better player that Jones and his defensive frailties are over emphasised. I didn’t see to many Welsh line breaks through his channel on Saturday despite the fact that he was obviously targeted! Unfortunately, O’Gara is inconsistent. The selection of the Lion’s no10 should depend on how O’Gara performs in the remainder of the Hieniken Cup. If he excels, he deserves the nod. If he doesn’t, then Jones should get the shirt.

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