Ireland Player Ratings versus Argentina

G Murphy – 6
Safe, secure and assured under the high ball, didn’t break with ball in hand as much as he could have, pretty quiet game for him as the Argies were not interested in kicking.

T Bowe – 6
The back 3 were starved of ball throughout the game, Bowe was involved with some nice exchanges, but nowhere near his normal high work rate.

B O’Driscoll – 6
A relatively quiet game for O’Driscoll, surely feeling the wear and tear of the last 4 games.

G D’Arcy – 8
As busy a game for D’Arcy than we have seen in green for a long time. Was involved with everything positive from the game. If there was one downside it was that he didn’t engage the wingers as much as he should have.

A Trimble – 5
Didn’t see the ball but for a single line break early in the first half. Not sure if he was completely to blame, All of the back 3 had quiet games.

J Sexton – 6
Good place kicking and defence, benefited greatly from superior service from Stringer, however his game management needs work.

P Stringer – 7
Provided quality ball for Sexton, the pairing looked fresh and exciting, but need more time together. Tomas O’Leary will have a job on his hand to get the 9 shirt back from Stringer.

C Healy – 6
Decent game, better in the loose than in the scrum. Improving slowly every game.

S Cronin – 5
Cronin’s throws in the line out were poor. Around the park he is excellent, but job number 1 needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

T Buckley – 6
After a shaky start Mush really put serious pressure on Roncero, delivered three scrums in the second half that forced the Argies to go to ground. Not as busy in the loose as he should have been.

D O’Callaghan – 5
Again the weak point for the Irish game was the line out and restart, Donnacha struggled with both.

M O’Driscoll – 6
Decent defensive game, tackled anything that moved. Struggled again in the line out

S Ferris – 8
Superb performance from the Ulster flanker, extremely busy, his support play was excellent, in the right place at the right time, well taken try.

D Wallace – 6
Kept busy through the game, played well from the deck turning over some loose ball.

J Heaslip – 8
Another powerful performance from Heaslip, made himself extremely busy around the park, lovely setup for Ferris’ try.


D Leamy – 6
Didn’t make a massive impact when he came on for Ferris, hard to fill his shoes!

T Court – 5
Got penalised by the referee in a couple of scrums, didn’t figure too much in the loose.

D Varley – 6
Was getting stuck in right from the get-go, made a nuisance of himself.

D Toner – 5
Didn’t offer much around the park but his #1 job was successful in the couple of line outs that he was on for.

K Earls – Very unlucky to have a try disallowed by the TMO. Not on long enough for a rating

R O’Gara – Again chipped the ball through for the final try, looked dangerous ball in hand. Not on long enough for a rating.

By Conor Buckley

3 thoughts on “Ireland Player Ratings versus Argentina

  1. Spot on mate, agree fully with Cronin and Ferris comments. I was left feeling completely frustrated. The spark is missing.

  2. Yeah Man of the MAtch was a toss-up between Ferris and Heaslip, Ferris always gives everything, both had a superb series.
    Cronin’s chance to book himself the No2 jersey for the 6N may have slipped away. Jerry Flannery is back from injury (again) and won’t have too much to worry about getting his first team place back.

  3. I only really watched the first half closely (quite pleased about that by the sounds of it), and I thought Ferris was magnificent. I’m a massive fan anyway, but he seems to be getting better all the time, and was surprised to hear that Heaslip was given MOM.

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