Ireland v England: Initial Reaction

So how was it for you? Tell us what you thought of the big game at Lansdowne Road this afternoon, as if we were in the pub having a Guinness or 10.

Who played well and who didn’t? What were the main talking points?

Share your views here, and we’ll bring you our reaction, player ratings and analysis in due course.

18 thoughts on “Ireland v England: Initial Reaction

  1. Fuming. Youngs and Flood had no composure. Jonny SHOULD have started.

    Ireland, magnificent. Brian, you’re a legend.

  2. Ireland played as a unit for the first time in a year, and stopped losing the ball. The front row stood up to the plate for the first time and Sexton finally took a leaf out of O’Gara’s book.

    This team has 9 or 10 World Class players if Stringer and O’Gara are playing and if the silly mistakes are taken out they can beat any team in the World. However we need ithe intensity that we played at today. Too often Ireland have played as though they only had to go through the motions, and I think Sexton has cost us dearly. He is far from a World number eight.

    Ireland have an opportunity to really make an impression at the World Cup and need to remember what a bit of effort and discipline can reward us with.

  3. Finally, an outstanding performance in this tournament…well done Ireland. I think I said something about them being a team in decline a couple of days ago. Humble pie duly eaten. England shocking though. A major reality check.

  4. Well, this changes some things looking ahead to the World Cup. I think everyone’s looking for that one team that can play with New Zealand for 80 minutes. Thankfully, the Ireland win saves us from months of hype about Martin Johnson & the English.

    Congrats to Brian on his try scoring record. Well earned. He should get just as much credit for his defense as well. He got in there and took on Banahan…gave him no quarter.

    I agree with qwerty, I’d rather see Stringer & O’Gara in a tough match as well.

    Finally, congrats to Italy on taking a major step up in terms of overall competitiveness. Nick Mallet and the players deserve a medal for their hard work and belief.

  5. qwerty fools!! shut the f up!! thats me being polite! redan had a brilliant game at 9!! sexton can be world class and he finally had a good 9 passing to him not o’leary and the rest of the team stood up as well! hes a ten not an 8by the way!

    ireland were great still some flaws that weren’t seen too much england got back in the game once ross went off at 60 but he was a rock for the time he was on! wallace offered no options on the bench!
    rog is a better bench as he has experience to close out the game shouldn’t be the other way around not taking anything away from sexton but let him start if it needs changing bring on rog!! he kicked well!!
    darcy had a ok game but nothing crazy would love a change their!!
    trimble showed what he could of offered he had a brilliant game ! so good to win feel sorry for england gettin the trophy in the hotel!!! kinda a buzz kill!!!

  6. England arrived thinking the Irish would roll over and all would be well. Someone should have told the Irish becuase instead they thumped an england side with no idea of what to do if their big centres cannot get ashton in the gap

    Plan B boys, if you have one

  7. It just proved that if you play against England with as much physicality as possible then they will crumble. New Zealand, South Africa and now Ireland.

  8. bad day for england ireland beat em fair and square which is a shame cause of all the games i would like england to win it would be this one, ireland are a foreign country i think some times we forget that. what really bugs me is that england not only have to beat the irish team the ref but we also have a eddy buttler as our commentator and he certainly does not want england to win.

  9. here here to Richard! I was highly critical of JS in his previous matches, he absolutely deserved the man of the match award yesterday, and to my delight the boy we have seen before has suddenly become a man, it seemed that redden somehow gave him a confidence we have not seen before. I hoped that JS would not be selected to play against england due to his previous underproformances,, I was delighted that he made me look stupid, JS, please come back next year with that confidence because we would have won the grand slam had you played the previous matches with that confidence, well done

  10. Well beaten – not been so disappointed for a long time. Matt Banahan’s selection for centre shows either a lack of depth on the part of English rugby or a lack of imagination on the part of the manager. Nick Easter’s selection as captain tends to suggest the latter.

    I was concerned about Bryce Lawrence’s performance though. It seemed that he missed several clear penalties in the scrum and failed to even penalise Ronan O’Gara for delaying a line-out, let alone yellow card him (it was fun watching O’Gara and Ashton square up after though). The scrum was perhaps our only area of dominance (after the first one!) and the referee realising this would have perhaps allowed us more of a platform to get something going.

    All in all though, no qualms about being well beaten by an Ireland team that was more passionate, aggressive and skillful on the day!

  11. Just about sobering up from a hugely enjoyable, Guinness-fuelled weekend in Dublin.

    The game was disappointing from an English perspective, but I actually think it’s a good thing in terms of the World Cup. It should be another important lesson in the continuing development of a young side, and remember how we look back at those Grand Slam near-misses before 2003 as key milestones. The unjustified swagger about England was beginning to grate as well.

    Ireland were phenomenal yesterday, controlling the game brilliantly and executing the ideal gameplan. As Bill suggests above, England didn’t have a plan B, but we can’t complain too much – there wasn’t a Plan A not so long ago!

  12. I’m a kiwi and they are dreaming if they think they can do anything against the SH sides.

  13. Hugely disappointing.

    I’m really disappointed that, with so little time before the WC, MJ hasn’t further explored his options in the midfield. And the only reason Banahan got a start in the final game was because Tindall was injured.

    And given Banahan was a complete and utter flop, we still don’t have any answers and the 6 nations is over. What have we got now? A couple of warm up games and then into it?

    Which means Johnson intends to go into the world cup using Hape and Tindall – which is extremely worrying.

  14. Great performance from Ireland ,ruled all around the park.
    Forwards set the platform and the backs showed their class
    Could have won by 30+
    England are not a bad side they won the Six Nations only
    team to win five out of six but a Grand Slam requires a
    great team
    Ireland will take some confidence into the RWC

  15. i predicted this loss and heres why.

    you can tell young players what big matches will be like but thats all you can do.
    they have to go and experience it the atmosphere, the crowd, the aggression etc.

    why else would toby flood miss an easy conversion in front of the posts?

    clearly our young players were phased by the atmopshere etc

    The RWC will be totally different.

    I really dont think there is a problem with the team, its an experience thing, which can be improved.

    Only real surprise for me was our scrum, wtf happened there? we lost any stability there and then.

    any props out there wish to comment!?

  16. Matt is spot on. Where on earth do we go from here?! Probably with no changes to the team. It’s too late. (Johnno’s quote from this morning: “I think we are in a pretty good place” says it all). The 6N is a good opportunity to try some new players out in a test environment. How many different players did we start – 17 or 18? We didn’t even make good use of the bench to test some new talent. Imagine if we’d seen something of some of the players we have been calling for on here.

  17. Tindall out for 12 weeks. Blessing in disguise. will it force Johnno to pick some more dynamism after Banahans shocking display against Ireland?

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