Ireland’s Flannery Suspended For 6 Weeks

Irish hooker Jerry Flannery has been suspended for a period of six weeks after a Six Nations disciplinary committee upheld the citing against him for kicking an opponent in last weekend’s match between France and Ireland at the Stade de France.  This rules him out of the rest of the tournament.

Flannery conceded that his action should have warranted a red card and this was taken into account by the committee. He will be free to play again on Monday 29th March and has the right to appeal.

What are your thoughts? How will this affect Ireland’s hopes of Six Nations success? Are players’ cynical actions and the disciplinary procedures having too great an effect on this year’s tournament?

3 thoughts on “Ireland’s Flannery Suspended For 6 Weeks

  1. This is no less than he deserves really. It was a very reckless kick and who knows what he was thinking? Good news for the English though with Kearney probably out as well.

  2. He’s just lucky that Pallison had just stood up otherwise that boot would have been to the head and would have done serious damage! I think 6 weeks is the minimum he should have got. At least he realised straight away what he had done was ridiculously stupid.

    In terms of Irelands hopes I don’t think it will weaken their team very much at all and still expect them to make us look very average if we play like we did against Italy.

  3. I think he was lucky to get only 6 weeks, presumably because he accepted his guilt straight away. I was expecting 12-15 weeks, because although it seems Alexis only ended up with a dead leg, you can’t go flying in like that. The intent was certainly there, and it was just a moment of sheer, reckless madness.

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