Italy 13 Scotland 6: Post-match Reaction

The Wooden Spoon match between Italy and Scotland was about all it was cracked up to be.

What did you think of the match? Did the right team win?

7 thoughts on “Italy 13 Scotland 6: Post-match Reaction

  1. one of the worst games I have ever seen.

    Congrats to Italy, they deserved their win and the Scots didn’t.

    Scotland have to start again, they have promised much for one or two seasans now but delivered nothing, Robinson hasn’t had the impact that is required, they are a nation with little resources but they are not this bad, if you look at the players they have they are capable of putting together a better team than this.

  2. It looked to me as though Scotland had given up before they even stepped out onto the pitch.

  3. Really disappointing today. Have supported Robinson so far as Scotland showed plenty of spirit in the first 3 games. However you have to deal with really poor performances by individuals. I don’t understand how De Luca gets near the squad when he hasn’t been able to retain the ball at all at international level, and now has cost us dear in two games with unnecessary yellow cards. It sums it up when the captain Ross Ford has a stinker and doesn’t get substituted. Gutted by it all today.

  4. As one of the 72000 in Rome I must agree that this was the worst International I have ever seen. To a man, Scotland showed virtually no pride in the jersey, which was the most disappointing thing to the Scots fans I met last night.

  5. An Englishman wrote – glad Andy Robinson isn’t England’s coach now ! Scotland’s display against Italy was a disgrace and to think that Ross Ford was ever capable of being a passionate leader is also a disgrace ! Back to the bad old days of inept coaches like Frank Hadden. The SRU’s handling of the Glasgow coaching setup was deplorable and shows they are totally out of touch with the game in Scotland. Why did it take almost a whole season to find out Alan Jacobsen ? No way is he ever an international class prop in today’s game. He can’t even hold a pass let alone hold up his opposite number !
    Bring back the fire and passion of people like Jim Telfer and find a leader like Gavin Hastings or David Sole and Scotland will be back on course quickly with a promising set of players.

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