Johnno has a word in Borthwick’s ear

Just in case he needed reminding of the huge challenge ahead, Martin Johnson has apparently been in touch with his captain to tell him what he needs to do.

Hopefully he mentioned that he needs to work on his presence, and it’s not good enough to just push in the scrums and jump in the lineouts. Everyone needs to see Borthwick carrying the ball in the loose and leading the charge in a Johnno sort of way.

Perhaps he also discussed the hotel room shenanigans that apparently took place last week, and for Borthwick’s sake I hope that if something untoward did take place, he wasn’t involved – I wouldn’t want a dressing down from the great man, even if he is 3,000 miles away.

I wonder also if Johnson discussed match strategy for Saturday’s game. Presumably he’d be reiterating the importance of defence, particularly in the 10 channel, and probably suggesting that the forwards batten down the hatches and hope that Flood can kick them into a position to score with a driving maul or slot the odd penalty.

Do you think he also had some advice on how to ignite the creative spark that must be lurking somewhere in that centre partnership of Jamie Noon and Mike Tindall?

4 thoughts on “Johnno has a word in Borthwick’s ear

  1. Poor old Johnno. Fancy having to sit back and let Rob Andrew pick a team and then have to try and tell your hapless captain how to make the best of it.

    Reminds me of Steve McQueen in the Towering Inferno battling to try and manage a fire in a building that wasn’t properly designed to withstand one.

  2. By the sounds of it, I think Johnno had a hand in the selection of this team, and he was certainly involved in the squad selection for the tour.

    If this is all true, I’ll forgive him because he’s geographically so far away from the players, and also because he’s a legend.

  3. Great analogy – and I would agree with it too! Sorry to drag the conversation down to tabloid gossip but what are everyone’s thoughts on the ‘Nameless 4’? I’d imagine those involved wouldn’t be in the squad for tomorrow, suggesting that those most likely to have been a part of it (ie Barkley) potentially weren’t.

  4. Well yes, not nice to have to talk about such things but then it’s the players that have dragged the conversation down to this level, not us.

    When you hear about these things you jump to the worst possible conclusions about the players’ behaviour. Then after a while you start to wonder if the victim is just a bit of an opportunist out to catch the players out.

    Either way though, one thing is certain – professional sportsmen should not even put themselves in the position where things like this can even be alleged.

    And as for Borthwick saying that the squad is focused, oh please! Do you really expect us to believe that? Oh yeah, it’s just a rape allegation against 4 of the squad, nothing to take our minds off the game or anything.

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