Josh Lewsey: “Romania will be physical, but put to the sword”

Official car supplier Land Rover have caught up with former England international Josh Lewsey and former Scotland international Kenny Logan to get their latest thoughts on how their countries are progressing so far in the Rugby World Cup.

Former England player Josh Lewsey says that the game should be fairly straightforward: “We are the biggest player resourced country in the world, the wealthiest union in the world, Romania are a developing nation.

“Yes they will be physical, yes they will be combative but ultimately we should put them to the sword and do that well and effectively.”

In this video the 2003 Rugby World Cup winner also calls on the team to enjoy themselves on the pitch, talks about the team enjoying themselves off the pitch and predicts that England will be the favourites come World Cup 2015.

As for former Scotland winger Kenny Logan, the most important thing for this Scotland squad is to go out there and play without fear.

“At the last World Cup we got scared, it was our biggest opportunity to get to the semi final. We didn’t do it because we didn’t go and play”

He added that the team must leave the pitch with no regrets:

“If you give it your all you can’t at the end of the game turn around and say we should have done this, we should have done that. We need to take the game to them. We have a lot of good players.”

16 thoughts on “Josh Lewsey: “Romania will be physical, but put to the sword”

  1. World cup favourites in 2015? On what basis or is he now a fortune teller?

    English arrogance/ignorance is now going too far…they will be lucky just to make the 2011 semi-finals.

  2. England are one dimensional. I think they played a test match against the Irish in August while the Irish showed up for a world cup warm up. They won’t show up for a friendly next time. They have had little problems beating England in recent years. Check the stats. England robbed the game against a better Argentina side. I do admire the fact that the english still consider themselves world beaters even when they have a crap team. The self delusional arrogance has to be admired. I should add that not only do england consider themselves world beaters with a crap team but somehow can manage to win ugly with crap teams playing one dimensional crap rugby. One can only admire that confidence. The irish on the other hand have since the last world cup three Heineken cups, numerous league titles between Munster and Leinster and a grand slam yet seem to lack the same self belief/confidence when they should have it. One has to (dare I say) admire the english arrogance.

    1. Don’t mind the record book. They won against Argentina last week with scintillating (not) rugby. It was a non deserved victory playing ugly rugby. Take off the red rose tinted glasses.

  3. That’s right, we won last week! And this week! Winning is winning, is it ugly? Sometimes, but we aren’t looking for sympathy wins or “ahh, you tried really hard, you take the win”,

  4. Frank “numerous league titles between Munster & Leinster”???? One would hope that one of the Irish teams could win their own league!

    We are currently ranked 4th in the world with lots of youngsters coming through, it is not an unimaginable feet to think we could be faviourites for the next world cup, unlikely but not impossible. Anyway if you don’t set your sights on being the best what’s the point?

    There are incredibly few Eng fans that are arrogant we just believe in what the team can achieve.

    Now go and see a doctor to get that enormous chip removed from your shoulder and enjoy the greatest sporting event on earth.

    1. I don’t have a chip just sick of the arrogance. England just aren’t that good and have the two biggest twats in rugby (Hartley and Ashton).

  5. Ben, arrogance vs. belief, you nailed it! LOL at the Irish team winning their own league, I completely missed that.

    1. Magners league you twits. Check the semis of the European Cup in the last few years and you will see that the Magners league has been better represented than English premiership teams.

  6. Yes. England have the arrogance and the belief and I admire it. I’ve said that already. I also said that I wish the Irish had the same arrogance and belief all the time just like the English. It has to be admired. It’s a pity the Irish normally only seem to have the belief when they see the red rose in a competitive match such as last March and the six nations over the last few years. That’s enough to motivate them. Let’s hope the team has turned a corner and can reach the same motivation against other sides. I would like to see the English do a job on France as I would have to fancy Ireland to deal with England as they have done fairly consistently in recent years (august warm up game aside). Maybe if we could get France or the All Blacks to wear the English Jersey it might motivate them.

  7. Maybe the arrogance is in the English nature. Empire and GREAT Britain nonsense etc. Ask a scot or welshman if he’s (GREAT) british and they will just tell you where to go.

  8. Why would I ask a Scot or Taff if they are Great? I already know they aren’t because they aren’t English! Why do you think you all hate us? Because you are jealous and yearn to be us ;)

  9. Jealous No. You are probably middle class idiots who are aspiring to be above your station. I don’t hate you I just think you need some humility. Hartley and Ashton need it also. You just think because you invented the game that you have the right to be at the top. Look at your last post from an objective standpoint as difficult as it may be, It oozes arrogance. Want to be English. Thats funny. You think you’re fantastic but we think it’s a joke.

  10. Oh Frank, come on, admit it, it will make you feel better :) I follow my team with as much passion as you do and behind closed doors rue some performances and selections etc. Now, Hartley and Ashton… Love them boys! There is something to be said for a nation everyone loves to hate…moral victory to Us! Middle class, how very dare you, almost royalty me :)

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