June Internationals 2018: Round 3 Predictions

Tadhg Furlong

Tadhg Furlong

Lots of upsets last week, and my refusal to acknowledge that this experimental Wales side is better than Argentina has been costing me on Superbru.

Going into the final round of matches, predictions may be even harder with a couple of dead rubbers in store.

Fiji v Tonga
The home side appears to be the best bet here. Fiji by 13

Japan v Georgia
Going with the home side again for this one. Japan by 9

New Zealand v France
A dead rubber, but that could be even more dangerous for France if the All Blacks try and run it from everywhere. New Zealand by 28

Australia v Ireland
I was pleased to pick Ireland’s win last week, based on the returning Jonny Sexton and Tadhg Furlong, and with that victory under their belt, they should be confident enough to clinch the series. Ireland by 4

South Africa v England
Can England salvage anything from this tour? Is there anything to salvage? The wheels have well and truly come off England’s chariot, the knives are being sharpened for Eddie Jones and how many more cliches can I get into one sentence?

What frustrated me most at the weekend was the total lack of response to the defeat in the first Test. Almost the same team made many of the same mistakes, and it appears those in charge are unable to see the failings that seem so clear to everyone else. And this weekend, Danny Cipriani finally gets a go, but it feels like a begrudging selection, and that this is likely to be his only chance, and what will be difficult conditions.

Eddie Jones said this in the team announcement press release: “We are expecting a wet and windy old day at Newlands and have elected to play Danny Cipriani ahead of George Ford to give us a left-foot kicking option.”

What? If there’s one thing that a backline featuring Owen Farrell, Henry Slade, Elliot Daly and Mike Brown does not need is additional kicking options, and two of those players are left-footed. So what is Eddie talking about? I am losing faith, and suddenly our World Cup group featuring France and Argentina has calamity written all over it.

South Africa by 7

Canada v USA
Based on recent results against Scotland in the past fortnight, it seems that USA has the edge in this classic rivalry. USA by 13

Argentina v Scotland
I still can’t come to terms with Argentina’s two heavy defeats to Wales, and given that the Scots lost to the USA last week, I’m picking the Pumas again. Argentina by 6

Which predictions do you disagree with?

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21 thoughts on “June Internationals 2018: Round 3 Predictions

    1. All those other games are really just filler. The only significant series still up for grabs was Aus V Irl and it din’t disappoint, although the referee did. Latu wasn’t off his feat and so that wasn’t a penalty for Ireland to take Ireland to 20 and it was very significant in the game.


      Still, there were some crappy decisions made throughout the series & overall Ireland did very well.

      1. Pause it at 1:55:16

        When the referee blows up, Latu quite clearly has one forearm on the floor supporting his weight.

        It looks like he was OK until the Aus supporting player ran into him and knocked him off balance, but the penalty was correct

        1. You’re right that the penalty was correct (I also believe he was supporting his torso using the ruck), but that’s actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you feel your technique is legal, if the ref tells you REPEATEDLY to leave it, you leave it. To continue is only asking to be penalised.

  1. I think France +23 at EVS is a decent bet. They looked alright last week before that silly red card and had the all blacks on the back foot towards the end. They will want to finish on a high and can be a dangerous team.

  2. Re the England game, the performance is more important than the result. No stupid penalties, read the ref and get him onside, first up tackling like men not schoolgirls,and play the conditions.
    Saffers by 12, AB’S by 36,Scotland by 6, Cannucks by 5, Fiji by 9,Aussies by 6 and Japan by 10.

    1. Really harsh on schoolchildren (!) and definitely sexist. Have you seen any top schoolgirl rugby recently?

      1. I apologise unreservedly to any and all female age group rugby teams who may have been offended by my previous post. most of you can probably tackle with much more conviction than the senior blokes see to be able to muster at present!

  3. Hutch that’s exactly what I thought on the L footed kicking option chat. I thought he was joking but I haven’t seen the video footage of the announcement so thought I might not have the context? I really, really hope that Cipriani thrives in challenging conditions and wins the game for England.

  4. SA by 7 sounds a bit generous. Our backs are great and World Class. Our Forwards however are not. They used to be, so has everyone else caught up. I think they are tired, tired, tired and if you are, you aren’t going to regain any more physicality this weekend and the result, bar some expected exceptional backs play, Will be the same. SA by 15.

  5. Well so far today we have Tonga beating Fiji, Japan beating Georgia and as of 54 mins the ABs are up 35-14 after a close first half – looks ominous for France

    I’d love to see the Aus team from week 1 and the Ireland team from week 2 turn up – we’d have a hell of a game. But Aus without Genia clinches it for me. Ireland by 7

    SA and us. Don’t care so long as we play well and fix some of the silly errors.
    I still have a tiny flicker of faith that EJ can turn it round but am not sure a win wouldn’t be more damaging in the long run than a loss.
    However, SA have made a shedload of changes and Jantjies is, to put it mildly, mercurial. So I think an England win by 5. Could be a high scoring game though

    Oh and USA to beat Canada and Scotland to beat Argentina – their last couple of games have clearly shown the difference between playing well in Super Rugby and playing well in international rugby

  6. Interesting point about a win today whitewashing Mr Ed’s mounting list of the strange and unfathomable Pablito. Almost makes you want to root for the ‘Boks!

  7. Pause it at 1:55:16

    When the referee blows up, Latu quite clearly has one forearm on the floor supporting his weight.

    It looks like he was OK until the Aus supporting player ran into him and knocked him off balance, but the penalty was correct

  8. Unlike Joe Schmitt with Ireland,
    Eddie Jones made no attempt to blood any new talent.
    Jason Woodward did not even get on to the bench.
    So much for building for building for the World Cup
    Ben Young’s at scrum half persistently box kicked which Usually resulted in losing possession.
    Why not run the ball along the line and exposes possibilities out wide.
    Look what happens when Johnny May gets the ball on a bit of space.

  9. Yeah we have got no further in resolving our scrum half problems with Robson getting nil minutes and spencer a handful.
    Lozowski didn’t even get on the bench and neither Isiekwe or Hill had any meaningful game time.
    We had 200 more caps than the springboksin the last test despite Eddie ‘s inexperience Bs! Look at all the opportunities Scotland have given their young players! We are miles behind all the other top nations in developing talent and we’ve flogged key lions players to death!
    Scrum half worries me most.

  10. I think it’s pretty naive to have expected Eddie to throw a bunch of rookies at that last test. Had we gone down there having won the 6 Nations or having won the series he could of rolled the dice. However we didn’t on either count and so the only thing that mattered for his career and the confidence of the squad was getting a win in that last test.

    I also think people need to put things in context. We had been deluding ourselves we were this amazing team because we kept winning but it’s not like we were blowing people off the park. Most were hard fought and often won in the last quarter. All that’s happened is we lost the ability to close out games and let our discipline go to crap. I think this period was always coming and better now than in the world cup. There is a lot of talent in the squad and personally I’m still hopeful we will come out if this stronger and better prepared.

  11. Sorry but I absolutely don’t agree that ” all that’s happened is we lost the ability to close out games and let our discipline go to crap”
    We were ahead early in three games we lost and in 2 against Wales and South Africa we didn’t score a single point for 65 minutes! That isn’t losing the ability to close matches that’s playing lousy rugby. We were well beaten and struggling to keep even close on the score line to Scotland France and Ireland.
    I have been watching rugby regularly for around 8 years and I have never seen us play so dreadfully in consecutive matches.
    Oh and Edie really talks utter rubbish at times. How are we stronger for constantly losing in an abject manner?! And why would it follow that if we play badly now we won’t play badly at the world cup?! That’s just bollocks!

    1. Firstly we didn’t we didn’t lose against Wales so not sure how that’s relevant?

      Secondly if you haven’t seen Eng play that badly in consecutive games in the last 8 years you clearly haven’t been watching that regularly! Both under Johnson and Lancaster they had awful runs of form.

      Thirdly it isn’t bollocks, my point was this bad run has been on the cards for a while, having it happen now gives the squad time to adapt an learn rather than having artificial confidence going into the World Cup and coming unstuck as happened last time.

    2. EJ never had an attack coach which might explain alot. Great defence (apart from the last 5). Now he does have one apparently. Explains why they led SA 21-0 in the 1st test. Ironically the defence has gone to s**t! Gustard’s going can”t be coincidental!
      As for Eddie talking “shit” presumably you mean his wind ups. They worked for him though in the 1st 18 wins.
      Otherwise he prevaricates when on the back foot! Nothing wrong with that……a poker face, a bit of chutzpah and a bit of BS!


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