Just hours to go…

I’m so excited and too nervous to write much.  Can England gain revenge on the Springboks where France failed against Argentina last night?

I’ve been sent some photos from South Africa showing the support behind the Boks – to me it looks like they are piling on the pressure and hopefully they won’t be up to it.

I enjoyed Dan Kirk’s comment on this post – if anyone is actually reading this and not getting ready for the game, let me know your plans for the day.

Come on England – you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

3 thoughts on “Just hours to go…

  1. Bokke Bokke Bokke! England should be pleased with getting this far.

    The only thing that will win it for England is if SA don’t perfrm. You can say 36-0 is not a factor but you would be lying through your teeth or you would be being very stupid…England have been a disgrace to the title of World Champions and have lucked their way to the final. They don’t deserve it and South Africa will win by merit of simply being the better team.

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