Knoyle gets 4-week suspension for part in brawl


Gloucester scrum-half Tavis Knoyle has been banned for four weeks for striking Bath’s Leroy Houston in the recent West Country derby game, after pleading guilty at a disciplinary hearing. Knoyle’s actions sparked a huge brawl that brought to an end a compellingly feisty, if not aesthetically pleasing, West Country derby.

Take a look at the fight below (skip to 2.04 in the video) – do you think four weeks is a fair punishment?

Video credit: Premiership Rugby

3 thoughts on “Knoyle gets 4-week suspension for part in brawl

  1. I was hoping Knoyle would get more to be honest. getting up and just swinging like that was amateur and unwarranted aggression but he’s getting more or less entry point. Compared to Nick Wood’s heated moment which got an 8 week ban (albeit for a stamp), I think Knoyle’s ban should better reflect the seemingly unprovoked and sustained nature of his assault, completely losing any cool that a professional athlete needs to have. I might have to see the official verdict when they publish it to see if they think he’s provoked in a manner that would make his reaction more understandable.

    Puafisi is probably about right. Completely unintentional, but it was a bad tackle and he knew he made a mistake at the time.

    Not sure Abendanon needed more than a yellow. I saw him at the time come in with a punch, but in the grand scheme of things and what was going on, I’m just surprised he’s the only one that got a level 1 citing for the fracas (assuming Paul James’ came from the stamp after an earlier scrum). You generally see everyone who gets involved in that manner receive a level 1 citing in a similar manner to the fight that came out of Leicester/Saints a couple of years ago when Ashton tackled Alex Tuilagi by the hair and everything went mental. I think 3 were handed out after that including Geordan Murphy who had done something similar to Abendanon. The precedent is set and as you don’t see much beyond him going in and making one swing, I’m not sure there are any grounds to do much worse to him.

  2. I think it is too short. You tend to get a short ban if you’ve been red card, which I don’t agree with. But I can see it makes sense with some one Payne or Puafisi, but not when you’re sent off with 90 seconds to go. It made no difference to the match, no Gloucester player touched the ball again!

    I was surprised that Abendanon’s actions weren’t noticed at the time, but think a retrospective yellow is enough.


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