Lancaster: “We’re still some way away from narrowing our selection”


Watch England head coach Stuart Lancaster discussing selection at this morning’s press conference:

Video courtesy of @RugbyMedia

6 thoughts on “Lancaster: “We’re still some way away from narrowing our selection”

  1. What’s Lancaster’s background? Is it some MBA fuelled management consultancy thing? His press releases always sound like a middle management seminar.

    1. He does like his buzz words doesn’t he. Still he has a lot of credit it the bank…oh sh*t I’m doing it now.

      Ex P.E. teacher I believe.

    2. Dean Ryan is the repressed management consultant. He’s the king of the PowerPoint slide deck, may also be the one responsible for the phrase ‘exit strategy’ for ‘getting the ball out of the 22’ that now seems to have invaded the commentator’s vernacular.

      My ‘bomberometer’ is back in the red after the last 2 6 nations fixtures and really poor selection decisions. Slight upward trend after Argentina but I don’t know how much of that was down to Baxter (who I really rate) and Gustard (who seemed to provide more of the intellect at Sarries than Farrell).

      Can’t say I’m full of confidence going into the AIs.

      1. “the phrase ‘exit strategy’ for ‘getting the ball out of the 22? ”

        Oh wow, I’ve never heard that. That is awful.

  2. Give me a Stuart Lancaster press conference over a Martin Johnson one any day! With Lancaster, at least he’s honest and to the point. Johnson was just excuse this, excuse that, dsissapointed this, dissapointed that.

    etc etc etc

    1. You may have got bland words with Johnson but at least you could see the oceans of rage simmering behind his eyes…


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