Latest Rugby Blog poll: Argentina – Six or Tri Nations?

The Pumas have this week requested to join the Six Nations, but many in Europe feel they would be better off joining the Tri Nations given they are a Southern Hemisphere team.

Nevertheless, many of their players represent European clubs, so it could make sense for Argentina to join the European competition.

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8 thoughts on “Latest Rugby Blog poll: Argentina – Six or Tri Nations?

  1. I think Argentina should be in the six nations. It’s been obvious for a while that the Tri-Nations doesn’t want them so more fool them – it would benefit the Tri-Nations massively to have a different team in their competition but i guess they just see another party reducing their share of the tournament’s money.
    Have them based in Spain/South of France and it makes for an excellent away trip every year!!

  2. Why do the southern-hemisphere teams see this as a threat?! Did they learn nothing from the failed approach Aus and NZ took this season? You have to play a lot of games against quality teams to do well at RWC’s, guys. If they don’t want Arg, then we should welcome them to the 7N.

    If the southern-hemisphere teams are concerned that adding another team would mean too many games, then perhaps they could just relegate the weaker nations (Aus and NZ) to a qualifying stage, the winner of which would qualify to play SA and Arg in the main competition.

  3. 5 nations, two divisions (as there are now) but with promotion and relegation. Make it a real competition with proper teeth.

  4. Seven nations definately, they would bring their flare, personality, skill and enthusiasm into the game. A Great asset to the competition. They brought so much charisma to the world cup and brought the bigger nations down to earth. We should welcome them with open arms.

  5. In rugby terms I think they deserve to be in either and with all their players being based in Europe the 6N makes sense. Trouble is though, it would make it a very packed schedule.

    It would mean two extra weekends and it would mean that one team would have to have ‘dead’ weekends with no games just like the old 5 nations days. It’s been great in the 6 nations that every team is playing on a 6N weekend and no-one loses momentum after two weeks between games.

    The Southern Hemisphere teams should let them in and it makes much more sense for them to join the Tri Nations but we all know it will never happen. Still, their loss, especially a certain Tri Nations team that struggles when it comes to playing in a tournament with more than three teams in.

    They should therefore play in Europe but we need to review the format again – tagging another team on and making it 7 nations will make the club season even tighter still. Mind you, if we got rid of the EDF who-gives-a-crap cup, that would help.

    I agree with most people on here that a two-tier competition is needed. Who finished bottom last year? Let’s just relegate them. Oh yeah, it was Wales, that’ll do!

  6. I believe that they should join the tri-nations as from the results of the world cup we need the competition down hear, perhaps we are scared to be beaten by the Puma’s?

  7. I agree fully that they would be a bonus for either competition, and that in the short term they would be better off in the 6N as most of their players are baed in Europe. However, looking beyond that they would be much better off in the Tri Nations as that would encourage the development of a stronger league domestically and of the game in general in Argentina.

    Putting them in the 6N and basing them in Spain or France will mean that ordinary Argentinians do not get to see the game and that any players with international ambitions have to leave Argentina and play in Europe. That will do nothing for their own domestic structure and I can’t see it being sustainable in the long term.

    Perhaps setting up an Argentinian franchise or two in the Super 14 could help support developing their players domestically? (Though I accept that the issue of whether the game there goes professional or stays amateur could impact that).

  8. Let them into the 6 Nations and given the ties between Argentina and Italy base them there , this would should give them a fan base> It would also help to re enforce the game in Italy. With the extra games something would have to go maybe the Autumn series of internationals may need to be curtailed/revised. It has taken the game a longtime to mature in Argentina and the european game has always supported them it needs to continue that loyalty.

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