Lee Byrne to miss England game

Lee Byrne has been banned for two weeks for his part in the 16th Man saga in the Ospreys v Leicester Heineken Cup match.

By our maths, that means he’s going to miss the opening RBS Six Nations game against England at Twickenham.

Not good news if you are a Welsh fan – perhaps it gives England a chance?

4 thoughts on “Lee Byrne to miss England game

  1. If that gets upheld and if your maths are correct that’s a bit harsh I think. It’s not like it was solely his fault either – surely a stern reprimand would suffice here?

    I always think it’s unfair too when something a player does for his club ends up punishing his country, or indeed vice versa like Lewis Moody punching Tuilagi for England and then having to serve a 6-week ban, all of which was Tigers games.

    I’d certainly feel aggrieved if this had happened to a key England player.

  2. Leicester said they didn’t want to be seen as “whingers”!
    Why change the way most people have perceived them over the years?
    No apologies from them when Back hooked a ball with his hand.

    Byrne has been punished for getting back on the pitch as soon as possible after a blood injury. He wouldn’t have gone on without permission surely?
    If the officials gave it, it was his clubs responsibility to pull Parker off.

    An International ban is over kill.
    At least we know now where Hook will be fitted in to the Welsh team.

  3. This is scandalous. Would have the two Irish on this commitee give BOD a two week ban before Ireland were about to play England? No they would not!

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