Lewis Moody ruled out for 6 weeks

England captain Lewis Moody has been ruled out of action for 6 weeks with a knee injury, raising fears that he might miss the whole Six Nations.

The debate will begin about who should captain England, and who should fill the number 7 jersey in his absence.

Martin Johnson, England Team Manager, commented, “It is always disappointing to lose a player and leader of Lewis’ calibre but as I have consistently said good teams adapt to injuries and that is what we intend to do. While this could still mean Lewis plays a role in the RBS 6 Nations it does mean that another player gets the chance to step up and make it hard for him to get the shirt back.”

An injury replacement will be named on Monday 24th January, along with all other injury replacements, once the outcome of round 6 of the Heineken European Cup has been played. The England captain will be chosen and announced in the week leading up to the first game in line with the usual approach. Lewis will remain with his club for his rehabilitation which will happen in close consultation with the England medical team.

Leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon – and friend of The Rugby Blog – Simon Moyes, added, “Medial collateral ligament damage can be severe and hopefully it is not associated with any other injuries to the knee. The normal range for recovery is 6-12 weeks, but the disappointing thing is this is in addition to his previous knee injury. Hopefully Moody will be back in training sooner rather than later, but I fear that it is likely to be closer to 12 weeks.”

30 thoughts on “Lewis Moody ruled out for 6 weeks

  1. Gutted! Easter for captain I guess? Or would you risk Hartley who seems to be doing a pretty decent job at Saints… Not sure about Fourie – hell of a unit but is he subtle enough to be a top drawer 7?

    Lawes, Croft and Moody all out is a big blow for our pack…

  2. The injuries are beginning to stack up a little, which is slightly worrying. However, as much as I rate Moody, this could be another Borthwick situation – Johnno might just take the opportunity to appoint a new captain and pick an out-and-out 7 to stick with through the RWC.

    I like Fourie, and I think he’s good enough – he’ll probably be starting in Cardiff now. Tom Wood deserves a look-in as well.

    There was some talk that they’d call up Wood to replace Croft, but if Wood is now replacing Moody, the door is open for…Dowson!

  3. Terrible News for England. Although Fourie will cope fine at 7. Simon Moyes’ prediction suggests Martin Johnson might need to seek a long term replacement for Moody, and get a captain assigned before the RWC.

  4. After this I think England are no longer favourites. With three of their first choice pack gone they are not the same side. At least the backs are intact (for now).

  5. I’d pick Easter to captain the side, and stick with him through to the Rugby World Cup. It’s a big decision Johnno has to make…!

    Tindall and Jonny are other candidates, but they aren’t certain starters.

  6. hutch is see you are an Easter convert….

    problem with fourie is that hes not a line out option and England practically lost against SA because their lineout didn’t have Croft in it.

    id rather have Wood, Dowson and Narraway,m but i know what people on here think of narraway….

    Easter isnt much of a jumper either…

  7. Hartley’s atrocious performance against Leicester should bring his selection into question frankly. Talking to Graham Rowntree yesterday it was clearly a point he wanted to swerve rather than answer.

  8. BEn C: i am worried now. we lost a lot of speed/mobility in the forwards and all you Easter lovers are going to get a nasty shock when he gets exposed without Lawes and Croft making his tackles!!!

    but its OK because Deacon is there and he is mobility personified.

  9. thats ok too, they have called up Henson / Anne Widdecombe to fill in for Adam Jones / gethin Jenkins

  10. Let’s not get carried away. Moody is a loss, but there were question marks over his place in the side anyway – it was his leadership that kept him there.

    I actually think it’s an opportunity to get Wood involved, stick Dowson on the blindside (or at least move him closer to the first team!) and have Easter at 8 captaining the side.

    (jimmy – not a convert, but he’s in for the RWC, so I’ll embrace him, not literally).

  11. Nick – I know pal.
    I am actually Luke Narraway (not jimmymc), so you can sort of understand why im a bit tetchy about the whole selection chat.

    @ hutch – you are right of course. But can we get Van Niekerk a british passport b4 the world cup?

  12. Major blow for England – Moody may not be the best 7 we have on offer, but he is a good leader, and its that that we’re gonna miss the most. Highly doubt it’ll happen, but i’d bring in Dowson and Wood to complete the back row with Easter, with Robshaw or Fourie providing cover on the bench. However, I’m sure Johnno will start Fourie and Worsley, and have someone like Wood on the bench. If this happens, we are screwed!!!

  13. Surprised no-one’s mentioned Haskell. Not that I’m his greatest fan but I think this makes it likely he’ll grab a spot on the bench (unless he’s injured – can’t say I’ve been following his game-time or performances recently).

    What I’d like: Dowson and Fourie, with Skinner / Wood on the bench.

    What we’re likely to get: Worseley and Fourie with Banahan on the bench to cover fly half and all other key skill positions.

  14. Moody is a massive loss. It’s always huge to lose your captain, unless it’s Steve Borthwick, particularly when the team is making progress. And people aren’t just selected on out and out ability but how they impact the group and I think Moody is very influential. I’m still to be convinced by Fourie but more knowledgeable people than me seem to talk him up so happy to go with it. As for 6, have massively gone off Haskell in the past couple of years – he hasn’t added anything to his game and given how one-dimensional he started that would suggest he just doesn’t have it in him. I’d love to see Dowson in there, he’s got a bit about him as a leader and gives you a line out option which could be crucial – we are massively lacking in that department now.

    As for the leadership, can’t really see anyone other than Easter, even though I’m not convinced about his place in the team. Johnno could go for a Will Carling moment and pull someone out of the hat like Ben Youngs but that would be massively against type. My outside bets are Tindall (who I wouldn’t have in the team) and Cueto who, for all the stick he gets on here, is an excellent rugby player with a rugby brain (which in the modern game is not to be sniffed at).

  15. I would be very surrised to see a captain that is anywhere outside fly half – I think Johnno is all about fwd grunt and back to walls type leaders so think it is going to be Easter

    Haskell strikes me like a slightly thicker Andy Powell. Quite impressive really as not sure that was feasible. I don’t know whether “brand Haskell” is still being bandied about, but i can see that getting pretty short shrift from Johnno et al…

  16. I’d completely forgotten about Haskell – think that says how much i rate him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the nod ahead of Worsley then. Unfortunately i just can’t see Johnno even contemplating Dowson/Robshaw/Wood. Good news is that Borthwick is injured and so we don’t have to worry about a return of Deacon and Borthwick as our 2nd row partnership!!!

  17. Must be serious to take down Mad Dog. I would like to see Phil Dowson given an opportunity, although I expect Jonno will go for Worsley.

    Also, looks like Easter will be getting the captaincy, well deserved I think.

  18. What’s wrong with Worsley? Hugely experienced, reliable and would tackle a tractor if it was steaming towards him.

    OK he’s not as dynamic and not a ball carrier… but it’s a less risky option, no? Sure, put Dowson on the bench and give him some minutes, see what he’s got.

    From what i’ve seen Wood is OK. Pretty good. But doesn’t look like a world beater. Won’t compete with McCaw, Pocock etc. If you’re gonna blood a new 7, blood one that looks the goods (like Oz did with Pocock).

    I don’t mind Haskell, but would prefer worsley.

    I’d go with Worsley, Fourie, Easter.

  19. Worsley, Fourie, Easter seems to have a decent bit of grit to it. There are two things that combo lacks though – line-out jumper and pace. It would mean going back to a very limited gameplan but would probably be a solid defensive unit. To be honest, just by slotting Dowson in there you gain line-out option, pace, hands and ridicu-step so throw him in instead of Worlsey and you have my back-row wish-list.

  20. With worsley, easter and fourie, how are we going to win a) a lineout b) the breakdown?
    NO gas, no jumpers.

    You need Dowson in there and Wood. Wood is young but has done v well in Heineken cup games. Dowson is well liked on this blog, hes a leader and good player.

    Fourie on the bench, wood to come off in last 20 mins

  21. Yep fair call re. line out. But breakdown? I would suggest Fourie is one of the better ball winners around? Probably more prolific at the breakdown than Moody?

    And remember i didn’t exclude Dowson – merely suggested it may be better to introduce him from the bench instead of throwing him right in there at Millenium stadium, first match of the six nations.

    I guess the good thing is that even without Croft and Moody, we don’t look too bad.

    The midfield however…

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