Lions legends discuss Second Test prospects

We’ve been lucky enough to have been sent this video of Gareth Edwards and Gavin Hastings discussing the crucial Second Test against South Africa this weekend.

Let us know what you think? Do you agree with the views? Nothing too controversial here – they should ask some of the guys that comment on The Rugby Blog for their opinions!


4 thoughts on “Lions legends discuss Second Test prospects

  1. It all comes down to the set piece, if we can hold our own there the quality of the backs will show through. If we get pushed off a scrum or two and miss the opening lineouts, we could be in for a long afternoon.

  2. I would tend to agree. That was the major difference for the first 50 minutes of the first Test, so if Adam Jones can hold his own, our backs could make the difference.

    PDV made some ridiculous substitutions though, which must have helped the Lions break the defence more easily. He won’t be so stupid again (although you never know!).

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