Lions photo gallery: Celebrations

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Rugby players usually know how to celebrate, and with nearly 3 days between the final Test and the flight home, there was plenty of time to do.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the players themselves. Disclaimer: captions don’t necessarily reflect the players’ thoughts…

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[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The two Lions Test captains save the arguments for later[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Non-selection is most frustrating when your suit is covered in Champagne[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Connoisseur Sexton checks the vintage on the back of the label[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Nobody has told Corbs and AWJ that the Lions have won the series[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The Farrells prepare to celebrate together[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Man of the series Leigh Halfpenny doesn’t do things by halves[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Jamie Roberts and James Bond compare guns[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Parling somehow puts a smile back on James Horwill’s face[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Christian Wade thinks he’s on TV again[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”450″ height=”425″] [/imagetab] Ben Youngs regrets playing darts with Rory Best[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”450″ height=”425″] [/imagetab] Just enough time for a dance off before the players depart[/tab]
[tab] [imagetab width=”450″ height=”425″] [/imagetab] Sam Warburton cuddles the trophy on the long journey home[/tab]


That’s just about it for our Lions 2013 coverage – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we have! Let us know if you have any feedback, and hit Like below and keep in touch as we gear up for next season.

One thought on “Lions photo gallery: Celebrations

  1. Great work on the captions again. The 1/2p champagne trophy one reminds me of the Lord of the Rings “it comes in pints!?!” moment.


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