Lions photo gallery: week one Down Under

A look at what the players have been getting up to as they arrive in Australia for the beginning of the tour proper, using pictures tweeted by the squad themselves. Disclaimer: captions don’t necessarily reflect the players’ thoughts…

[tabs slidertype=”simple” auto=”yes” fx=”slide” autospeed=”4000″] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Halfpenny poses for a photo with a travelling substitute PE teacher [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Cuthbert puts in a strong early contender for worst outfit of the tour [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”300″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Not to be outdone, O’Connell submits his entry [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Heaslip is not keen on a dinner of envelopes and phone [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Meanwhile tour operators continue to have difficulty transporting Adam Jones’ shirt [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”300″] [/imagetab] Eyes on the ball, Rob [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The secret to BOD’s longevity is clearly not his nutrition [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] Richie Gray relaxes on the longest sofa on the planet [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”425″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The long-awaited Matt Stevens concert is poorly-attended [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] “Can you crouch down so we look taller?” [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] The Welsh boys regret asking O’Connell to the pool for a casual game of water polo [/tab] [tab] [imagetab width=”475″ height=”450″] [/imagetab] “I’m down here Richie! Can you hear me?!” [/tab] [/tabs]

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