Lions Third Test could be an 80-minute brawl

It’s fair to say that there has been a fair amount of controversy, crossed words and fury from both the Springbok and the Lions camp since the Second Test ended in defeat on Saturday.

Since the first minute of the game when Schalk Burger should have been sent off for gouging, to the latest episode where Brian O’Driscoll has called Peter de Villiers a disgrace, emotions have been running high in both camps.

Burger and Bakkies Botha have both been cited and banned, and the Boks are now appealing the latter’s punishment; Peter de Villiers has defended Burger suggesting that gouging is part of rugby and anyone that doesn’t like it should wear a tutu; Brian O’Driscoll and Adam Jones have been forced to return home through injury, much to the dismay of fellow tourists; there is disappointment at the standard of officiating from both camps; there is still anger from the way that the Lions have been disrespected with such a ridiculous itinerary; and the Boks aren’t happy either at the so-called whingeing by the tourists and their supporters.

With all that in mind, there could be one or two scores to settle on Saturday. The series is lost, the result isn’t really important and I’m concerned that it could descend into a brawl. After the sorry events that marred the Second Test, our sport will not emerge in a favourable light if Saturday’s match sees punching, fighting and red cards aplenty.

Am I worrying unduly?

8 thoughts on “Lions Third Test could be an 80-minute brawl

  1. Got a feeling Saturdays game is going to end in carnage – with a lack of disipline from both teams. After inexcusable actions from Burger, Bakkies dangerous clearing out, BOD’s attempted tackle/shoulder charge, Sherdian tapping Bekker in the nuts, unbelievably inadequate refereeing and comments by PDV that has outraged nearly every single rugby player and supporter in the world, tensions and emotions will be higher than high. It will be a huge challenge for ref Stuart Dickinson (Aus) and one that will be heavily scutinised. Sorry if I keep going on about the whole substandard refereeing issue, but quoting from Gary Gold (SA forwards coach)

    “Both teams will be particularly relieved that there is a referee whose interpretations we will understand better. From a communication point of view it will be easier – it will be a better day for both teams,”

    More evidence of how disgraceful the standard of world refereeing is. Not only are international coachs commenting on poor levels of refereeing but why is it always down to “interpretation”? The rules and laws are for the game of rugby – not a guideline for ref’s to “interpret” and basically make it up as they go along. That said, I would not want to be Stuart Dickinson on Saturday.

    Hoping it won’t, but Saturday could result in our beloved game being dragged into a dark era

  2. The ‘edginess’ of last weekend both added to and finally despoiled the game. Lets not remove that aspect of the game but ensure it is properly channeled. The problem is that the best referees currently are British and South African, hence ruled out of consideration at the Lions’ request. Dickinson is as experienced a referee as ANZ can provide and should handle the tension better than Bryce and Berdos.
    I will be highly surprised if there isn’t a punch up in the first 20 and for this reason, Irish and Welsh players can be expected to get the hat-tip ahead of the English in challenged positions.

  3. “I will be highly surprised if there isn’t a punch up in the first 20 and for this reason, Irish and Welsh players can be expected to get the hat-tip ahead of the English in challenged positions.”

    what do you mean bigdai?

  4. It would appear to me that press is creating all the “hype” between players and fans.

    I see a different Bok team taking the field on Saturday where PDV (half a brain), gets the chance to try out new combinations and players against a worthy opposition.

    Stuart Dickenson is the last guy on the field that wants to see the game disintergrate into an all-out brawl. He will quickly stamp his authority on the game and send off any player guilty of foul play. That said, it will be a hard, physical game where the two teams compete for possession of the ball. After all, the two offenders from the South African camp have been banned from the match. Will the Lions be able to keep their hot-heads in check? Hope so.

    Violence has always been part and parcel of the game. Acceptable? No, but it will happen now and then. From the infamous “99” call in the 74 series, the Bok ear biting incident in NZ, the Aussies infuriating the All Blacks with swing handbag adverts to the disrespectful acceptance of the standard All Black haka in the last exchange between these two teams, rugby players will intimidate and challenge one another on and off the field. This series was not the first, nor will it be the last where violence is commited on the field of play. The ref is there to sort it out.

    I predict a win for Boks by at least 12 points.

  5. But thats the problem – the ref’s aren’t sorting it out. Instead, there is so inconsistency in the standards of refereeing that players are being allowed to, and will continue to get away with violent play

  6. There is noyhing demeaning about ateam brimming with talent,who will be honoured to play against a great Lions team.Stop being so scathing about refs,Lions lost series because the Boks were better,even in try count.”Whinging Poms”,comes to mind.

  7. Thats quite funny considering the SA coaching team are critising the standards of refereeing as much as BIL camp and supporters. Not sure if you actually follow rugby much, or even if you’ve read other peoples comments, however people aren’t diputing that the SA team are a great side and were worth winners of the series – what people from all nations (including SA) are disputing are the standards of rugby as a sport and not just of this tour.

    Where has anyone suggested it is demeaning to have a team brimming with talent? Bizzare comment John

  8. I think it is a total disgrace that the IRB allowed the South African team to enter the field wearing armbands re Bothas ban. This is a worldwide media event and to allow petulant behaviour like this, on top of their coaches bizzare comments demeans rugby. South Africa should be banned from International rugby until they apologise and sack those individuals who allowed this to happen.

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