London Welsh signs up Gavin Henson

The latest episode in the Gavin Henson saga is that he has signed for Aviva Premiership newcomers London Welsh.

Lyn Jones, Henson’s former coach at the Ospreys where he enjoyed his most successful career spell, said, “Gavin has a great talent but over the past three or four seasons he has not realised his full potential for a number of reasons that are well documented.”

“I sincerely hope and believe he can now draw a line under that period and move forward again with London Welsh.”

This will be his second spell in the top-flight English league after an ill-fated couple of months with Saracens before he joined Toulon.

How he fits in with the newly-promoted squad will be fascinating to see, and all jokes aside, it would be great to see the talented centre playing his best rugby in the Aviva Premiership.

What do you think? Will Henson finally settle down and play some decent rugby?

19 thoughts on “London Welsh signs up Gavin Henson

  1. I think that maybe being under a coach he knows very well, and who got the best of his career to date out of him, we may see Henson take this seriously…………….what am I saying, of course I think he’s going to cock it up, he’s Gavin Henson!!!

  2. The devil will be in the detail in his contract with London Welsh:
    Is it a pay per play contract?
    Does it lay out clear expectations regarding his on field and off field behaviour?
    Will it include rules about what reality TV work he can do?
    Does it specify what community and charity work he must be engaged in?
    Any rules regarding alcohol consumption?

    For London Welsh’s sake I hope that they have down in writing a list of very clear expectations (plus it might actually do Henson a favour)

  3. This is a risk from Welsh. Henson has the ability to make them into a side that is competitive in the Premiership, he also has the ability to cause really problems.

    I guess we will have to wait and see! It will be interesting!

    Personal Prediction: he will be a nob and mess it up!

    1. I Go with Jacob.

      He is one of the best players out there when he wants to be but.

      I am voting “he will be a nob and mess it up!”

      Hope not as I said before

  4. London Welsh set themselves up for a big fall….. as this blog has already shown LW are lining up to this seasons verbal punchbags – shouldn’t have got promoted is the start, when they lose their first few matches “I told you so…” will be everywhere … so to add The Orange One into that will make them perfect fodder for every hack and blogger who wants to take a shot at them. Hilariously bad decision.

  5. I think the fact that they signed him is a moot point. Focusing on the rugby, it won’t matter a jot if Welsh can’t win ball up front. From what I’ve heard they need to focus on recruitment in the pack first. Talented or not, it doesn’t matter how Henson plays if he has no ball to run with.

    1. That would be a nightmare of a partnership off the field. Think there would be a real clash of personalities on the filed as well. They would be bitch slapping each other all over the place.

  6. I’ve heard similar concerns as to whether their front five can compete well enough to secure their backs enough ball to play off. The game is won by forwards and the score decided by backs. I still consider Henson as a player with a massive attitude problem who lacks commitment and motivation. He still seems to be mote concerned with partying and making the front page of any red top that will paste his face on the front. If I was Lynn Jones I would have looked at his track record (5 clubs in 2 years, something not even seen in miniature rugby by kids) and come to the obvious conclusion that he can only take his rugby seriously for around 4 or 5 months before he completely self destructs, sometimes bringing his team mates into disrepute. This is not the kind of ethos or media storm London welsh need as a newly promoted club that should be striving for stability in order to focus solely on keeping a place in the premiership, something which is seen by many to be highly unlikely. Exeter are a perfect example, rob Baxter runs one of the most consistent and stable teams in the premiership. The last thing London welsh need to be doing is getting caught up in a media storm or scandal which would surely knock the confidence of a squad bereft of premiership experience already. The premiership will present a different challenge psychologically and that is just another pressure for this new team to deal with, coupled with the probable controversy which always accompanies Mr Henson and his well documented amorous activities. Of course this all sounds very negative but I don’t think it is an impossible task which London welsh face. Certainly it will be an uphill struggle, maybe even an Everest but it is without doubt doable. The signing of Gavin Henson may yet prove just to be a minor indiscretion or less likely a stroke of genius. Only time will tell of course.

  7. If Gav keeps his head down and gets on with it then I don’t see any issue with this signing – plus they’re getting him at a real bargain if reports are to be believed. He’s still got talent, it just needs to be made clear that: 1. he will be watched very closely and 2. this is the last chance saloon. Lyn Jones has been very realistic about his expectations of Gav, and if there’s anybody who can keep him in good working order it’s the coach under whom he played his best rugby.

    He needs to get his match fitness back and sort out his off-field issues – by all accounts he trained hard at Cardiff Blues and still has all the awareness he used to have. I hope it works out for him. My biggest worry is that London Welsh will become the whipping-boys of the premiership – this will have a terrible effect on all their players, not just Henson.

  8. Fortunately London doesn’t offer many off field distractions! He’d be better off at Orkney RFC.

      1. Probably everyone else would leave!

        Actually even though it’s easy to make fun of him (because of his own actions) I genuinely hope all goes well for him and Cips because the game will be better to watch with those two actually playing the rugby that we know they are capable of.

        I do however add in a dose of realism by not expecting this to happen, but I would like to be surprised.

  9. If there was a movie made about GH, I don’t think the LW part would be the best part it would be the latter middle part when they use those cinematic voice-over echoes as he’s having drinking on a soggy couch. “Turned over again, Henson backtracks to cover and goes in with the tackle but..” Unless, they actually play well!

    Good luck to him though.

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