Looking forward to the Six Nations weekend

The weekend is very nearly here, and for all the negative press about the Friday night Six Nations match, it does mean that we won’t have to wait too long to see some rugby.

France take on Wales tonight in what could be a real challenge to Wales supremacy – although Les Bleus may have had a better chance if they had selected a fly-half.

On Saturday, there is a recipe for a real classic – Scotland against Italy! And then there’s Ireland versus England at Croke Park, with the men in green still chasing their dream, and the men in white still chasing some respect.

What do you think will happen? Will Marc Lievremont surprise us again with a victory? If they close down Jamie Roberts and Andy Powell, will they have a plan B now that Shane Williams is back?

Will England get some revenge for their thrashing in Dublin two years ago? Can Toby Flood cope with the pressure, or will he be exposed by Ronan O’Gara?

And will Italy beat Scotland again? Let us know what you think…it’s better than doing work on a Friday.

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to the Six Nations weekend

  1. You know I sometimes wonder how many players read the comments on this blog for motivation, as every now and then I slate someone on here only for them to have a blinder! It certainly worked with Worsley last time out. So Wurzel, I still think you’re crap so please have another blinder.

    I think I’m on fairly safe ground to not be made stupid by Flood (after all, I was safe enough with Balshaw last year!) having a blinder – he is a big worry for me. With that Ireland backline and a home crowd, I’m just hoping we avoid an arse-kicking on the scale of 2007.

    What is up with the French? 7 changes after a win, albeit a laboured one, is a bit over the top. Tonight could have been one of the games (if not the game) of the tournament, but I can’t see Wales losing it now. It’s a shame about Beauxis as that’s left them with a very young inexperienced Trinh-Duc and unlike in football, I always believe it’s hard to win anything with kids, especially in the half back positions. (Cue Trinh-Duc playing a blinder and leading France to a crushing victory!)

    I’ll be watching the game tonight but I won’t get to see any more live rugby over the weekend because I have to work – I am going (and I kid you not) to a conference about self-harm. Grim, but the thought that I would otherwise have to endure Scotland v Italy is what keeps me going!

  2. Self-harm Rob , perhaps a few England yellow card addicts might benefit from that one ;-) Baby is at outside-half not Trinh-Duc which just helps all the more really -probably means a MOM performance from hime now.

    With any other side except France with the difficulties they’ve had and the selection etc I’d be really really confident but as it’s France I’m still going 50-50 on the result as it’s probably the kind of thing that could just wind them up.

    Ireland v England could be close but I sill expect a yellow card or two to tip it Irelands way.

    Scotland should win too but I’m not expecting much champagne stuff !

  3. Ah yes, so he is Pontylad, forgive me. Trinh-Duc’s on the bench isn’t he? I thought I’d read somewhere that Trinh-Duc was starting – I must have not read it properly – I must have ADHD (which will probably be another conference I get to go to in future!).

    Maybe Lievremont has been told to make as many changes as he can to make Laporte look careful and consistent by comparison?

  4. Who can know the Gallic mind Rob if it confused you your not on your own ! I think it was something along the lines of Trinh-Duc’s only just joined the squad (though he was there in the autumn !) and he doesn’t know our patterns (as if the French have any ! ) therefore Baby who does know these non-existent patterns but who has hardly ever played at ouside half (and not at all at international level ) is the better man for the job. Well either that or Lieveremont stuck their names in a hat and it was lucky that Chabal’s didn’t come out as outside half.

    I don’t think French coaches work to the same script as anyone else lets say .

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