Magical Munster demonstrate extent of their armoury

The 43 – 9 win over The Ospreys at the weekend was a brutal reminder from Munster that they are the undisputed heavyweights of Europe.

Lifieimi Mafi

Lifieimi Mafi

Moreover, it demonstrated that the champions can demolish a side wtih pace in attack, with creativity and spark from any number of talented backs, and not just through an all-controlling forward-dominated gameplan.

The Ospreys were left powerless in the face of the red onslaught, particularly with James Hook missing several kicks at goal. In the second half, having edged into a lead, Munster were able to let loose with a fast-paced attack with offloads in the tackle to yet more runners in the shape of Doug Howlett, Paul Warwick, Keith Earls and even David Wallace, who was able to display his speed as he popped up out wide every now and then.

In particular, Lifeimi Mafi was phenomenal all afternoon, carrying strongly in tight situations, breaking free in the loose, and forcing turnovers at will, rippling the ball from an Ospreys attacker on at least two occasions.

Others followed Mafi in the defensive effort: scrum-half Tomas O’Leary managed to scythe down Shane Williams whenever he threatened to step clear of the first tackler, whilst the back row of Alan Quinlan, Denis Leamy and Wallace frequently put their side back in possession. Leamy was heroic in stifling one key ospreys attack, to such an extent that he was rewarded with a slap around the head from the giant hands of Paul O’Connell – enough to lift anyone’s game I would think.

With such a prolific cast of players, and exuding Irish confidence delivered by the Six Nations Grand Slam, Munster appeared to be unstoppable on Saturday. They now face Leinster in the all-Irish semi-final and are likely to prove too much of a handful.

The Dublin-based team overcame Harlequins at The Stoop thanks to a ferocious defensive effort that absorbed the Home side’s best efforts from five yards for what seemed like an eternity. They’ll need to be as determined, if not more so, if they are to trouble the mighty Munster.

4 thoughts on “Magical Munster demonstrate extent of their armoury

  1. I can’t see anyone beating munster at the moment. they are awesome.

    No french sides left in the heineken cup, which is interesting and as the magners league article said, three out of four semi-finalists coming from the magners. it must be the best league in europe!

  2. Any league can shine during one year so I wouldn’t say that the Magners is the best league in Europe but the teams have improved rapidly. Munster are awesome on last weekends games I can’t see anybody beating them either however the Tiger had a lot of injury problems and they are a different attacking proposition with Mauger in the team, they have the confidence to beat Munster even though I think they still lack the quality but hell, they lacked everything against Bath and still managed to scrape a win. Cardiff and Linster have to much of a minority complex against their fellow ‘ML team to really believe they can win.

  3. Kingsley Jones has a theory that the French sides have been hampered more by the ELV’s as they rely a great deal on driving play especially off line outs to score . Maybe there is some truth in this but I thought that this was also a tactic perfected by Munster ?

    Lets face it the Ospreys weren’t up to much thanks to a feeble attitude and to be frank (can;t whitewash this ) dire coaching. Scott Johnson takes over today and starts with one of his favourite tactics yes a press conference.

    For Munster it will take a team with the right attitude to beat them , the Blues have been hampered by some “home town ” refereeing out in Ireland in the last two Magners games away to them which I suspect will be stored away as motivation . Also if they can overturn the margin they had against Toulouse last year it suggests the atitude is right (there fulsome praise for a team with Cardiff in its name I’ll have to go and lie down now ).

    Anyway it will take some performance to beat Munster so I think they will all be getting out the tape of their home game against Ulster at Christmas to show how it can be done , just shows no one team is unbeatable.

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