Magners League becomes RaboDirect PRO12

RaboDirect PRO12This name is going to take a bit of getting used to.

RaboDirect – The Straight Talking Savings and Investment Online Bank (in their words, obviously) – , have taken over the title sponsorship from Magners and the competition will be rebranded from next season.

It’s not quite as catchy, but I remember this time last year when Aviva took over from Guinness, but the Aviva Premiership has successfully become a commonly-used term.

The competition has been rising in prominence, with its members regularly competing at the serious end of the Heineken Cup, and let’s hope this new partnership brings further investment to the clubs and that the game continues to grow.

15 thoughts on “Magners League becomes RaboDirect PRO12

  1. It could be called “The Home for stay young Girls ” league and i still wouldnt watch it!

  2. Its an odd hybrid of neither dross nor excellence which isnt national club rugby bit isnt qutie heinekin Cup rugger.

    if were irish, welsh or italian i might find it more interesting.

    i love rugby BTW so nothing “against it ” as such.

    1. Fair enough, it does range from European champions down to league whipping boys (Aironi) who would just about hold their own in the English Championship. It still grates on me that Aironi get a Heineken place when better teams (Wasps, Dragons, Connaught) don’t. But that’s a whole different complaint for a whole different thread. Anyway I’m Ospreys supporter which might explain my like for the Magners. Also living in Wales I get live matches on Terrestrial TV. Which is nice.

  3. Connaught are in the HK …..

    The Ospreys should have won the HK by now, they seem to underachieve?
    As wales seem to under achieve, i cant tell why.
    they have samoa and fiji in their group, is that some kind of stitch up!?

    Wasps could finish last in the APrem next season, they are in trouble.

    1. Connaught are only in because Leinster won not by proper qualification. But my mistake on that one.

      You’re right the ospreys should be doing better. I blame the management. Phillips is in the doghouse. James Hook is on his way. Biggar is not living up to potential. Lee Byrne cant do anything but kick it really high. Jerry Collins may as well start the game in the Sin Bin. I despair of my team.

  4. Moggy – i had a theory about philips and byrne.

    they both played well in a good lions team.

    I can never question Mcgeechans sections, he is the closest we have to a rugby god.

    Perhaps , they both need to play in better teams?

    or have they both permanently gone off the boil?

    1. Byrne has lost it. I’m not sure he even deserves his Welsh Jersey at the moment. I think Phillips can get it back but as you say he needs to be somewhere that have faith in him and are letting him actually play. So not the Ospreys then.

  5. People seem to like taking a dig at the Magners League soon to be Pro12 for some odd reason thats escapes me. European champions four of the last six years from said same League. A Leinster v Munster game is about 10 levels above anything the Aviva P can produce. Obviously just an opinion there but each to their own and all that. Also, Jimmy your comment “its an odd hybrid of neither dross nor excellence” is really amusing. You have just described the Aviva P which is in no way a technically superior league to the Magners. You really shouldnt throw stones in glass houses:-)

    1. Neildub , you miss my point entirely I am not making a dig @ the magners.

      magners isnt national club rugby and as an englishman, i am interested in our clubs and by extensiion our national team.

      since i am neither italian, welsh irish, im not going to watch a league that a) doesn’t feature english clubs and b) doesnt have the meaning/quality of the premiere european comp ie the HEineken cup.

      I wasnt saying which league is better, thats an subjective and frankly boring exercise.

      I enjoy watching the super 15 teams ,which is similar to our Heinekein ie the best of SA, Aus and NZ.

      BTW i love rugby and love watching & playing in everything from my local rugby team to lions.

  6. The Rabobank Pro12 serves the purpose it was set up to perfectly namely to give players in the Celtic countries and now Italy a professional outlet in which to play and develop under the supervision of there Unions. This season alone Leinster used 50 players in the League and Munter 42 so a lot of young players have been blooded at a professional level and lets be honest if you struggle at that level you are going to be killed at Heineken level which is close to international standard so. The biggest advantage of it is it allows this development of players happen in an envoirment free of relagation pressures. Maybe it leads to a lot of games which lack a bit of bite but anyone who saw this years Grand Final would have to admit it can also give you spectacular games with big hits and plenty of skill.

  7. what people seem to miss is its not the name of the league that matters it’s what happens within it, so reguardless of wheather its sticks or not, as long as the teams are developing, which lets face it they are, it doesnt matter whether supporters like the name or not. Lets welcome the RaboDirect Pro12 and look forward to some amazing games next season. As for the name sticking do you really have to call it the RaboDirect Pro12? how many people actually call the football premiership the barclays premiership league or the champions league the hieneken champions league! if your that worried about it just call it the pro 12… and maybe we are not new zealand or australia but dont we want to be aiming for that standard? or are we going to be stuck in a rugby dark age? Welcome RaboDirect Pro12 we look forward to seeing the games!

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