UPDATE: Manu Tuilagi citing dismissed

UPDATE: Manu Tuilagi’s citing has been dismissed by RFU judicial officer Christopher Quinlan QC in Bristol. The result means that Tuilagi will be free to tour South Africa with England.

England and Leicester centre Manu Tuilagi had been cited for a tip tackle on Danny Care from the opening minutes Saturday’s Aviva Premiership Final.

The RFU have released a statement saying:

MANUSAMOA TUILAGI of Leicester Tigers has been cited for a ‘tip tackle’ on Harlequins’ Danny Care during the Aviva Premiership final at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday, May 27.

Tuilagi has been charged with a breach of Law 10.4 (j) following a report by the citing officer John Byett and will appear at the Bristol Filton Holiday Inn on Tuesday, May 29 (8pm). The case will be heard by a single RFU judicial officer, Christopher Quinlan QC.

The minimum entry level for tip tackle offences is three weeks, with 10 week bans given in the more serious cases as with Bradley Davies earlier in the season. Tuilagi has previous after receiving a five week ban for punching Chris Ashton in last year’s Aviva Premiership Final, tarnishing his record. A three week ban would be enough to rule him out of the tour to South Africa as he would miss both the 1st and 2nd tests.

How long should Tuilagi be banned for? You can watch the incident here.

17 thoughts on “UPDATE: Manu Tuilagi citing dismissed

  1. wasnt even a tip tackle, wish john byett would grow some balls and not be such a flowery tuppence!!

  2. If he is banned and misses the first two matches (or more), Lancaster will have (in my opinion) the most important decision of the tour – whether to play the ‘tried and tested’ (and shown to be ineffective) 10-12-13 of Hodgson, Farrell and Barritt, or whether to play what I think would be superior (provided Farrell works on his passing), which is Farrell, Barritt and Lowe/Joseph. IMO a much more critical decision than who plays at 11 – Wade, Strettle or anyone else and who plays in the flankers – Haskell or Johnson – with Robshaw.

  3. I simply cannot believe a citing has occurred. Brilliant tackle, perfectly executed.
    Barnesy has reffed the incident extremely well, reluctantly awarding a penalty (because he has to), but a penalty only.

  4. It was a tip tackle. The only thing that saved him was the fact he realised mid tackle what he was doing giving Care a chance to brace himself.

    It was reckless in the current climate but not severe enough to be a lengthy ban. He and Leicester are lucky it was bottle job Barnes in control.

    1. Taking off my quartered coloured glasses I take it back re Barnes – that was well reffed.

  5. Dangerous tackle my arse, Rugby is getting so soft its ridiculous! Citing official would be put to better use spectating Italian football

  6. Nope – i just don’t think this is worth a citing. He’s just hit him really hard and Care’s making an effort to turn his body around to present the ball to his team. We can’t take the big hits out of the game, it would become rubbish.

  7. I dont think it was dangerous but if the rules are being applied he should get a 3/4 week ban minimum just like Afoa did in the Ulster V Munster Heineken Cup 1/4 final for the same thing. Afoa was cited afterwards but the ref did not give a penalty in that game.

  8. Tip tackle: Tackler comes to a stop, grasps the ball carrier below the hips, lifts him straight upwards, turns him upside-down, lets him go or drives him to the ground.

    In this case Tuilagi came to a stop, grasped the ball carrier around the hips, lifted him straight upwards, turned him upside down, took him to ground, but didn’t drive him.

    So not a tip-tackle?

  9. I don’t think there was any driving to the ground in the Warburton World Cup red card tackle so I don’t think he will escape a ban on that score. However to be fair it looked more like the Stephen Ferris 6 Nations one against Wales in the Six Nations rather than say the Bradley Davies one in the same match and Ferris received no furthher punishment other than the yellow he got in the game.

    1. In the Warburton case, he clearly had hold of the ball carrier below the hips and although he didn’t drive into the ground, he did let him go.

  10. Not remotely dangerous. He’s got him around the midriff, anyone with a basic knowledge of physics would realise a tip tackle from that position is basically impossible. His feet may have been above his head very briefly but he was brought safely down to earth horizontally.

    It seems rare these days for someone to be cited retrospectively and not get a ban so wouldn’t be surprised if he gets one but would be a joke if he does.

    1. I agree Stuart (and with the general comments regarding this citing), especially after barnes comments “legs above horizontal, but not dangerous.” Given that the ref clearly saw it and commented on it, that shuold be the end of it. That in my mind should be taken into account today and no more done, except for the IRB to go back and look at what is actually a ‘dangerous’ tackle.

  11. So when Henson tackled Tait and legs went above horizontal but not dangerous he should have been cited? No it was a great tackle, a powerful man stopping a less powerful one in his tracks, same with Tuilagi on Care in my opinion.

    I wonder if Alesana’s move away is impacting his morale, can’t be easy as he came over to live with his brothers and they seem like such a tight family unit. Not relevant to the point I know but I hope we can see him doing what he does best this summer, busting tackles and smashing people, not stuck at home because of a harsh ban.

  12. Citing dismissed. A victory for common sense!!

    Should never have been cited in the first place, adequately dealt with at the time by Wayne Barnes.

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