9 thoughts on “Manu Tuilagi: “Keep believing”

  1. Should Manu Tuilagi not have played with Samoa this weekend? Really wish the English media would stop turning him into the great ”English” player of the world cup. The man should be playing for Samoa not England.

  2. I could be wrong but pretty sure he’s been here since he was about 16 and so played & learnt all his rugby in this country!

  3. Mils Muliaina – Samoa
    Jerome Kaino – Samoa
    Isaia Toeava – Samoa

    We are not the only team pilliging from Samoa. It happens, all part of the game.

  4. At the end of the day it is a players choice, and once that choice is made it should not have to be brought up every time there is a story about it.

    Sticking to the subject, seems like he doesn’t want to give too much away about his thoughts, but the fact that he didn’t seem quite sure what was going on at Leicester can only mean he is focused on the World Cup.

    He needs to keep hitting that sweet angle in the opponents 22, worked against Wales a few weeks ago and against Georgia at the weekend. Shouldn’t be over used though.

  5. The worrying thing on this side of the world (and everywhere else) is the ever declining number of players playing the game. Kids play here through school but the number of higher education colleges reaching out to the Pacific Islands to bring rugby talent in is suffocating any homegrown talent and so people are giving up the game earlier and earlier. Even worse news, soccer is soaring.

  6. its funny because if the samoans were played for samoa, they would be up there with the tri nations and would shit on england wales and all the other pacific islands, but i guess if you can only work for 10-15 years, than you have to make as much money as possible in that time and england and the all blacks pay 10x as much as samoa can…

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